Sequential post titles *we'd* like to see...

I scan the forums for good sequential titles, but mostly I see titles I wish occured next to each other:

I learned so much about sex today
I kissed a drunk girl
Why is my semen black and orange? :eek:
What do I do with these baby bunnies in my yard?


Heh…good idea. I do this in my head all the time anyway…

**I lost 8 lbs in two weeks - my new diet plan
Y’know, horse meat doesn’t taste that good…
Your favorite seasoning?

Big Dick spam is back!
What do you do with it? -TMI **

The Pit:
**Idiots at Netflix
You nasty, filthy pigs…
I’m going to throw my DVD player out the window **

“what, in general, caused the fall of the Roman and British empires?”

“Confusing Military Words”
“Boy Boobs”

“I learned so much about sex today (sorry, kinda long)”
“I hurt myself. Again.”

“Are There Foods I Could Eat That Would Change The Color Of My Urine, Feces, Or Semen?”
“Cowboy Tuna?”