Sequential threads schedule

IMO, Sequential Thread threads should be closed after three months or 350 posts, whichever comes first.

Then they could offer an extended thread life option for 20 bucks. It would extend thread life to 1 year or 1000 posts, whichever comes first.

I’ve never looked at Sequential Thread threads before, and I got a chuckle skimming the current one.

As a Sequential noob, I’m curious - what’s the reason for wanting them closed? Is there a benefit to starting a new one versus just extending the same one indefinitely?

Sequential Threads often have amusing titles, and they often have titles that refer to the season or month or other topical thing when they are started. As time goes by, the amusing titles become less relevant.

After 350 posts, the page numbers in the forum go to ‘Last page’. So you click on Last page and then back up. It’s just nicer to have the last page’s number in the title when browsing the forum.

There are some funny people on SDMB. Why not give them a chance to come up with the next amusing SQ title?

As a mod in that forum, I’m happy with closing them based on your logic. I suggest linking to a new thread (if one is made) and then sending a report requesting it be closed.

As a frequent participant/offender in sequential threads threads, I fervently and bitterly oppose any mandate that requires coming up with new and ingenious thread titles based on seasonality or other arbitrary criteria. The current practice of relying on poster inertia/ennui to start a new sequential threads thread seems reasonable, democratic and worthy of our continued support.

If the SDMB is going to start on the slippery slope of mandating cleverness, I foresee the ban hammer coming down on many posters. :dubious::(:eek:

No need to come up with ingenious thread titles. Start one called Sequential Thread [month/year]. I just think we should have fresh threads.

That’s the kind of bold, innovative thinking that’s kept me coming back here for the last 16 years!

I hereby call upon the Mods to allow Johnny to start a new Sequential Thread whenever he feels like it.

Bonus points if you can get the new and old Sequential Thread threads to appear sequentially, and with their juxtaposition create a clever turn of phrase.

It could be like the Watcha Readin’ threads. A new one each month with a link to the new one and a link back to the old one.

I support this idea. I find I lose interest in the sequential threads thread if it gets too long. Take too much time to thread my way through it.

I propose that the threads be titled in iambic pentameter.

While we’re at it, shouldn’t the thread titles really be sequential, ones that were actually seen? That’s how I operate. But it seems like a lot of times it’s two thread titles the poster would just like to see together.

That’s the ‘rule’, although sometimes people will point out that the titles are ‘separated by one’. (I think ‘reverse order’ is acceptable.) The thing is, people post here a lot. So threads that are actually sequential when the poster copies the titles and opens the sequential thread, may not be sequential by the time s/he hits ‘Submit reply’.

Yes, there should be rules requiring actual sequentialness (sequentiality?), prohibiting use of sequentials from the main forum page or from outside the Dope, requiring that threads are sequential at the time the sequential thread post is submitted, limiting the number of threads that can be sequential (some people will post up to five or more), and most importantly, that the sequential titles be appropriately amusing (and not require labored explanations/addendums to clarify why they might be funny).

A panel of three judges should moderate the Sequential Threads postings to make sure the rules are followed (perhaps we should create a special class of member for this like for the SDSAB - the new designation could be SDSTJ, or Straight Dope Sequential Thread Judge).

It’s clear action is needed, because people have gotten away with laxity for far too long.

I think it’s mostly **Cal **doing that. Personally, I’m a purist, so I wouldn’t do it. But **Cal **has earned the right to do whatever he wants, so whatever.

I’m fine with it.

I just think the threads go on too long, and that new ones should be started sooner.

That’s just crazy talk. :wink:

If someone really wants two thread titles to be sequential, I will bump them in the correct order with a relevant post in each for a simple donation of $5 to my PayPal account. :smiley: