not sure if this has been asked before or even if it’s the correct forum… ^^’

sometimes we pass by the same people everyday without ever registering it, until one day you happen to speak to him/her and you wonder why haven’t you ever notice them before.

sometimes we learn something new that we haven’t heard before and suddenly it appears regularly in our daily lives.

sometimes when we see the top prize in a 4D draw the winning numbers always seem to have some kind of obscure connection to something we know.
is there a term for this?

That sounds a lot like paradelia (sp?), or the human tendancy to see patterns where there aren’t really any. It’s the same phenomenon that causes people to see teddy bears in clouds and Jesus in tortillas.

i can’t find anything resembling paradelia in the dictionary…


It’s a term Carl Jung came up with. Some weirdo wrote a whole goofy book called the Celestine Prophecy about how these coincidences are clues to your life path or something like that. The famous example that sparked Jung’s study of synchronicity was a psychiatric patient of his who was describing an odd dream involving a dung beetle just as one flew in through an open window.

no, not synchronicity. more towards the teddy bear in the clouds and stuff that is always there but is ignored than actual psychic omens or whatever.