Serenity now.

Which company in their right minds would think that ANNOYING THE FUCKING HELL! out of people would make them interested in their products.

‘Popup advertisers are getting more devious/inovative’ In other words - better at being unavoidable. and in yet more words - Better at being extremely fucking annoying. Now that only makes me DESPISE the company/product being advertised.

The latest/specific reason for this thread is my ‘Creative Playcenter’ app. So far it seems to be quite a good app. except where the currently playing track/other info should be displayed, it displays a stupid advertisement - meaning I have no idea what track is playing.

The track I was on jumped (dirty [new] CD) so I wanted to find out what track was the next one so I could take the CD out/clean it/put it back in on the right track. But there was NO WAY OF KNOWING what track was playing.

It seems they knew that was a very important little bit of the app, and that people would look there, so they’d see their add. They TOOK ADVANTAGE of the likely habit/desire of the user in order to shove their shite in the user’s face.
Arg grrr figgin fn, BRR!

You are totally missing the point of advertising included in downloadable software. In shareware, most advertising intended to be annoying - it’s meant to give the user a reason to pay money for something that is otherwise free.

On the other hand, if you actually paid money for this thing, you should do whatever you can to get it back. :smiley:

I paid £70 for the thing that the software came with. It is not shareware.

I understand that shareware advertising is meant to be annoying. What I have is not shareware.

ANd the main point refers to website popups. I probably should have mentioned that.

I realize now that it looks obvious that I mean shareware ads, which I know are meant to be annoying
curse the inability to edit posts!

Curse the inability to not post while drinking.

Yes! curse it!

Ouch - paying that much for something that still forces advertisements on you in place of regular features? You have my condolences.

Move the mouse over the advert without clicking, and it should show you the track. Yes, it’s really annoying. I’m not happy with Creative.

Fred, Creative Playcenter is the main application that comes with the Creative Labs Soundblaster Audigy series. You know Soundblaster, right? Not freeware, not shareware, you pay for the sucker. Not excusable. Me, I stay with Winamp.