Serial Killer Scenario

I was wondering – has a serial killer ever has his career (or life) ended by having his last victim outwit or overpower him?

Neal Falls seems to fit the bill.

Do you need this answer in a hurry?

If you are shopping for life insurance, I’d recommend not disclosing your occupation to the insurance agent.

:slight_smile: Nope, just curious!

This is your boy.

Yeah, that story fits the bill. Gruesome and fascinating!

Jeffery Dahmer’s last attempted victim Tracy Edwards sucker punched him and ran out the front door after spending a few hours partially handcuffed and knowing something very wrong was going on in Dahmer’s apartment that evening.

It seems Dahmer got pretty careless when he let the cops come in an snoop around his apartment later that night. Oh yeah he was also a bit careless leaving random body parts all over the place. Not sure if he was out smarted or just got too complacent…

Another good reason to listen what your mother always told you, and Clean Up Your Room.

Wayne Nathan Nance fits the bill