Serial Season 3

So Serial Season 1 was a giant hit. Season 2 not so much (I know I never finished because I just wasn’t interested in the Bergdahl case). I just learned last week there is now a Season 3 and I really like it. The staff spent a year in the Cleveland Justice complex and the episodes are about the cases, lawyers, felons, judges and everything in between they saw while there. I am only a few episodes in and I find it fascinating. The only thing missing are the Mail Chimp ads :slight_smile:

Anyone else listening?

I never listened to the first two seasons, but I liked s-town. I listened to this season, and thought it was good, but I can’t say anything beyond that. Everyone who’s paying attention knows that the justice system is a mess, and the only cure is more funding. (That no one is willing to provide)

I finished listening to Season 3. I thought it was interesting, although I’m not sure it made any over-arching point about the justice system, except maybe that there’s a lot of allegations of police brutality and harassment in the Cleveland area. There were one or two moments when I thought she was giving overly sympathetic treatment to violent criminals, but overall it was eye-opening.

My main criticism of Season 2 was that it was a couple of episodes of interesting story stretched into an 11 episode season. Season 3 certainly didn’t suffer from that (because of the “multiple small stories” format).