Serious thoughts requested on some 2016 candidates

Preferably no “he’s evil personified”, or “he’s crazy”. I’m actually interested in people’s thoughts on some of the lesser known contenders who might be running for President.


Howard Dean
Martin O’Malley
Jim Webb
Joe Biden(I realize he’s very well known, but people don’t seem to be talking about him one way or the other)


Bobby Jindal(my favorite!)
John Kasich
Mike Pence
Lindsey Graham

I like him a lot. I don’t know if he’s interested. I also don’t know what kind of campaigner he’ll be – his '04 campaign started very strong and fizzled out very quickly.

Not particularly interesting, but a competent governor. Close to “generic Democrat”.

Doesn’t seem like he’s that into politics.

I like him, but he doesn’t have much chance at winning the nomination. Great in debates, but he has a weird tendency to go off script in amusing ways on the stump.

Unpopular governor, looks and sounds like he’s 12 (and made of wood), batshit religious beliefs, says “we shouldn’t be the stupid party” and then says really stupid things. SNL would hire a teenager to play him. Not much of a chance at the nomination, unfortunately for the Democrats.

See Martin O’Malley – these are the “generic Republican” candidates. Not much stands out for either one, at least not right now, IMO.

I do declare! Late night would have a lot of fun with this Southern belle warmonger. Not a chance.

Dean has evolved from his time as DNC chairman and I think he’s learned from his 2004 flameout. He’s expressed an interest in running, but not if Clinton is. With Clinton such a prohibitive favorite, I’m mainly listing Democrats who could be the nominee if she decides to stay out. And Dean is one guy who is eminently qualified, very intelligent, and doesn’t mind dishing out the red meat.

I thought so too, and would never have listed him, except he’s expressed an interest in running in 2016.

He’s certainly qualified, but probably too heterodox for Democrats, plus lacks charisma to make up for that. But if you wanted the working white class back, there’s no better candidate to win them back.

I’ve actually followed his career with interest for a long time and always thought he’d make a good President other than his messaging snafus. His “weakness” is that he tells the truth too much. And he also is appealing to working white class voters.

He’s a McCain clone. I like him a lot. Unlike many Republicans, I’ve always respected independent-minded conservatives, even when they take positions I don’t agree with. Graham is attractive because he’s independent, he’s a dealmaker, he’s bipartisan, and unlike McCain, he’s not ancient. He does lack executive experience though. Even his military career didn’t involve leading people.

I need sleep. It’s “white working class voters”, not “working white class voters”.

God, if he were in charge, thousands upon thousands more Americans would be dead. We’d be at war with Iran and probably elsewhere – maybe even Russia. Would be a disaster for America. How on earth can you like him?

I am really surprised that no mention is of Hillary Clinton nor Jeb Bush, considering how I saw several news stories about the possibility of each today. Most are saying that Jeb isn’t sufficiently conservative enough, and I’m not sure either has a great chance beyond initial interest. Also talks about Cruz, who seems icky, and has less experience than Obama gets accused of.

But who has been talking about Dean, honestly? Checks OP date Nope, not 10 years ago. Otherwise I mostly agree with the above, many of these don’t show much interest, or are (thus far) not distinct enough.

He’s no worse than McCain, who in turn is no worse then Reagan, and all are a lot less worse than GWB. Because they support the Powell Doctrine, which automatically makes them smarter.

I left out the most prominent candidates on purpose, because most of us have already expressed our thoughts on them. If Clinton doesn’t run, this could be an election where neither candidate is one that a majority of voters, or even Dopers, are all that familiar with.

As for Dean, no one may be talking about him, but more are talking about him now than in 2002. If he runs, he’ll have instant name recognition and in a field without Clinton or Warren, I have to think he’ll have a pretty large group of supporters.

Huntsman isn’t on the list. Maybe he doesn’t wanna play this time?

Huntsman is a definite no, as of last month. Another one of my favorites, but he just doesn’t see a path to the nomination.

Jeb Bush has NO chance.

America will not allow another Bush to become president.

Yeah, Huntsman is so intelligent, he could almost be a democrat, no?

I don’t know about that. America voted one of them for two terms. Sh*t happens.

McCain is awful and would have resulted in thousands – possibly tens of thousands – more dead Americans. He would have massively weakened and damaged America. There’s hardly a lower bar.

I seriously doubt they actually support the Powell Doctrine. These guys just think that peace and stability can be imposed by force, and that’s been pretty much proven false by the last several years. I’m not sure if any prominent Republican would weaken America more than McCain/Graham.

I sure wish Huntsman would run again. He would make the best president of any candidate in either party.

Jeb CAN win, but not against Clinton. You can’t beat old and stale with old, stale, and failed(although Jeb didn’t fail, but he’ll be associated with his family.)

However, Jeb does have competence and moderation on his side, so he could win if liberals got cocky and nominated someone too liberal. Presidential elections are still about capturing the center and I think Liz Warren or someone as liberal as her would go the way of McGovern against any plausible Republican. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with Warren vs. Cruz, but Warren vs. Bush? Easy money.

Something I just read about Martin O’Malley that makes him stand out: he adopts government performance metrics to see how the government is performing and publicizes the results. He started this as mayor of Baltimore and carried it into state government. Assumedly, he’d bring it into national government if he became President:

I guess that makes him not quite your typical Democrat anymore. This is good stuff.

Bush Stigma wasn’t there yet.

There are Democrats who don’t do similar things? Heck, there are any politicians at all who don’t do similar things?

It is actually rare for politicians to actively seek ways to measure the performance of the government they oversee.