Sesame Street's Olivia, Alaina Reed-Amini dies

Sesame Street, 227 actress Alaina Reed-Amini dies

Olivia was always one of my favourites on Sesame Street. I remember how she would belt out those great musical numbers, like “I Am the World” or “Sing in the Shower.”

I feel kind of old and tired now.

Same here. I used to fall asleep to a 45 RPM record of Olivia singing “Sing.”

I also liked her on 227. She was so likeable and real.

She was just a class act.

And another slice of childhood dies . . . :frowning:

Olivia was one of my favorites, especially since Olivia is my middle name. I also loved her braids. I never saw hair like that in Montana!

I was surprised how little mention she got in the Sesame Street Unpaved book when that came out.

Oh no. :frowning:

One little star, shine on us all tonight… RIP

Awww. :frowning:

I had a crush on her.

Olivia was definitely my favorite. When I was little, I used to pretend that I would have a little sister, and her name would be Olivia. She was awesome on 227.


Tell Mister Hooper we said hi, Olivia.

Aww, I loved her too. I was a Sesame Street fan well into my teens.

She also only gets a minor mention and photo in Sesame Street: A Celebration, the 40th-anniversary book released this year.

Now this is something I actually feel. I liked her a lot, even on 227 she did an excellent job. I am shocked at how young she was. I thought she’d be like 90 years old :slight_smile:

It’s odd since she didn’t start Sesame Street till 1976 and I had stopped watching it long before then. But my mind seems to recall her on that show. Unless I was 12 years old and still watching which I don’t think I was :slight_smile: