Set of drums for under $300?

My 16 year old son loves to let off steam pounding on his drumset. He refuses to take lessons, doesn’t play with a band, just loves to drum as a solo activity. His drum set is beat to hell. I’d like to replace it for Christmas. Is it possible to get a passable drum set for around $300?


Although my first instinct was to think “no” - you might want to try by looking at online stores. Many sell “scratch-and-dent” specials, and although some people are more worried about how it looks, he might not mind since it is a solo activity for him.

Often, I buy guitars this way. In many cases, they’ve accidentally shut the case and taken a small chip off the side. Sometimes, if it is painted, the paint or clear coat will have a bubble in it. It is easy to save a ton by buying these items, since they (usually) function great.

I will look online as well, and let you know what I find…


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I found several at Musician’s Friend, not scratch and dent, and I usually have no problem with ordering from there. They have always delivered rather quickly…

A set for just over $300 is here.

Another for 300…here.

Also, you said he has a current set, and if it is just looking bad, a new shells might fix the problem, like what is seen here.

Good luck!


I have a set very similar to the ones posted by brendon_small, except mine happens to be by Pearl. Unfortunately, I’m not making any use of it lately except to pound away for a few minutes about once a month. I took three or four lessons and then stopped for financial reasons – haven’t gone back yet. :frowning:

A shame, too, because I was enjoying learning.

Er, sorry…lost my train of thought. The point was supposed to be that you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a a similarly priced set. Most of the music stores I shopped at (before my wife ended up buying me a set for Christmas, bless her) had a basic $300 - $350 set in stock at all times. Good luck!