Set up your own Major Crimes Baseball team

Inspired by Skald the Rhymer when I inadvertently opened his thread because i did not understand the theme.

Pitcher: Denny McLain
Relief Pitcher: Bobby Jenks
Designated Hitter: Gates Brown
Outfielder: Ron LeFlore
Outfielder: Lenny Dykstra
Outfielder: Cesar Cedeno
First Base: Joe Pepitone
Second Base: Pete Rose
Third Base: Hank Thompson
Manager: Pinky Higgins

Forgot shortstop, so in the interest of completeness and of having a 1919 Black Sox player on the team:

Shortstop: Swede Risberg

Outfielder: Mel Hall
Pitcher: Ugueth Urbina

Utility: Julio Valdez

I’m not sure it counts as a major crime if you are not convicted.

Maybe, but getting arrested in the dugout during a game counts for some artistic-impression points, doesn’t it?

Ed Bouchee is always the captain of my team. Also Gerry Priddy, co-captain.

Wilfredo Cordero belongs on the list somewhere, too.

Mascot: The Pirate Parrot (original Parrot Kevin Koch testified at the Pittsburgh drug trials about serving as a middleman between several players and drug dealers)

Spring training clubhouse attendant: Donald Fitzpatrick