Seti@home CPU usage

I run Seti@home command line version on my office PCs (P3-500, WinNT and 2000). I just recently started using it on my home PC (P4-2.8C, winXP) but my CPU usage for that process only show 48-49%. I thought it was supposed to use all the spare cycles for a CPU. My office PCs show 92+ usage for the process.

Why doesn’t my home PC show more usage? I show having 48+ idle. Is it something to do with it being a hyperthreading CPU?

yes, it has everything to do with it being a hyperthreaded CPU as a matter of fact. You can find your answer at Click on the SETI forum, Im sure they have addressed it, I run F@H myself so I am no familiar with SETI.

Thanks. I’ll check out the link.