Setting a Registry Key (Win 2000 Pro)

I have these instructions from the MSN site.

· Using regedit.exe, you must set these two registry keys on the remote machine:
· [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\AppID{6EB22881-8A19-11D0-81B6-00A0C9231C29}]
· @=“Catalog Class”
· “DllSurrogate”=""
· [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID{6EB22881-8A19-11D0-81B6-00A0C9231C29}]
· @=“Catalog Class”

I have found the keys ([HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\AppID{6EB22881-8A19-11D0-81B6-00A0C9231C29}]) , and the other one)

What do they mean by ‘set’? do they mean New>String Value ?.

And in that value, do I add the quotes around these strings?

I’m doing a real complicated install for remote debugging of a web site app, and I really don’t want to mess this up. It’s part of a Visual Studio .NET install.


None of the other keys there have quote marks, so I’m assuming the page has them there simply to set it apart from the text. Also, “New -> String Value”. The Name will be, for example, “DllSurrogate”, and the value will be an empty string (not “”, just empty).


So, @ and DllSurrogate are new string values under …00A0C9231C29}], not a new key itself.

To really dumb it down, when I have the …00A0C9231C29}] folder open, @ will appear in the right view frame, not as a new sub folder.


Dammit, I missed it – This key,

([HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\AppID{6EB22881-8A19-11D0-81B6-00A0C9231C29}]), does not exist.

The key under \CLSID\ does.

I could create it. Then add the values, but the documentation says nothing about it.

First, new keys are what appears in regedit.exe to be a folder. Inside a key, we have a value. A value has a name, and it has data. All keys have a default value named “(Default)”.

Second, as I’m sure MS indicated, whenever monkeying in the registry, one should first back it up in a safe location by selecting “Registry -> Export Registry File”. This allows you to be relatively safe in messing with it.

Third, I’m surprised the key isn’t already there. That being the case, I’d add it in. Is it possible you haven’t installed some of the required software somewhere else? Do you need some of the website apps running locally for this remote troubleshooting that would have created this key on install or first run?

Also, which reference are you reading, can you link? When I google 6EB22881-8A19-11D0-81B6-00A0C9231C29 I get quite a few articles.