Setting up a simple DNS server for a Microsoft home network

I have 7 devices on my MS home network; 4 computers, an Audiotron, a BroadVoice VOIP adapter, and a hacked series 1 Tivo, all connected via a Linksys wrt54g router.

The Audiotron and Tivo have web interfaces where I need to type the IP address, and I connect to many of the PC’s remotely where I also need to know the IP address.

My home network uses DHCP so the IP addresses don’t stay constant, so I’m always having to check the router to see the current IP address assignments before I can connect to a device.

Ideally I’d be able to set-up some aliases for each device so that I could just type http://audiotron into my browser instead of an IP address. There’s seems to be lots of information on how to do this using Linux and IIS, but is there anything simple and straightforward? Perhaps using functionality in my router?

Thanks in advance.

I may be missing something here, but why not just turn off DHCP and assign all the nodes a static network IP like,, etc.? Why run DHCP if it isn’t helping you?

First of all, get one of your computers to be running Win2k or Win2k03. XP/98 doesn’t really cut it. Install DHCP, DNS and WINS and set it up so that your DHCP server points all DNS requests to this machine. Then, you can do into DHCP and set up reservations so that all existing computers on the network will stay at the same address but still enjoy the benifits of DHCP. Then, you can easily set up your DNS server to do your reverse lookups. I could go into more detail but theres plenty of walkthroughs on the web.

Instead of setting up DNS, why not just put entries in the HOSTS file on each computer, once you have made the addresses fixed? Assuming that by “connecting remotely” you mean from other PCs within your network.

e.g. audiotron

Thanks for the good ideas. The combination of the static IP addresses and the HOSTS file approach is both simple, straightforward, and accomplishes the trick.

Thanks a lot!