Seven, NO...8 babies born in CA yesterday!!!

But then you have embryos on ice* which would eventually be destroyed which some believe is the same as an abortion.

Now, harvesting fewer eggs to begin with, maybe…

(Strictly speaking I don’t find any of those options moral but that’s just me.)
*Figure-skating show name!

Seriously! It’s ok to play God to create life, but don’t you dare go abusing your power to destroy it, missy!

In-vitro doesn’t carry a cheap price tag.
I wonder who funded this for her?

Speaking from personal experience, it is most common to transfer 2-3 embryos at a time when doing IVF. Some countries have laws limiting the number of embryos transferred. I do know of cases where more have been transferred, but it depends heavily on the circumstances. With frozen embryos, they might transfer more because thawed embryos are less likely to implant. But transfer 8 embryos to a mother of six, including one set of multiples?? It just doesn’t make sense. I would like to hear the doctor’s justification.

I have been told that injectible fertility medications + intrauterine insemination (IUI) are much more likely to result in high multiples (as compared to IVF), because there is a lot less control over how many embryos you end up with. It would make more sense to me if she did IUI instead of IVF.

According to the woman’s mother, in this article, this litter used up the last of her embryos on ice. So, yeah, someone had to have implanted at least eight embryos in her. Also note in the article that her three year old son is autistic. And here mom is not planning to hang around and care for the entire fourteen.

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God help us. PLEASE let this be one of the times that the department chair realizes someone is NOT CUT OUT for the psych field, and bounces them from the program.

They need to find the doctor who performed the invitro procedure and take away their medical license. And take the children from the mother who obviously has mental issues.

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I hadn’t heard until today that the woman who had the octuplets already had six, and was unmarried to boot. I hate to say it, but she sounds like a mental case. Why should she have all those kids and then expect others to help her out? I’ll bet she is trying to make money off of this event.

It’s not as if it happened naturally. I once saw a show about multiple births occuring without fertility treatment, and one first time mother who had borne identical quadruplets was exasperated when people kept asking about why she’d had fertility treatments. One doesn’t get identicals that way, it just happens spontaneously! I saw those boys later in a Tide commercial, and I could see why they’d done it.

But to have babies for the purpose of making money off of them is disgusting. And so are the doctors who treated her. I don’t figure their identity will remain a secret long, it will just be to juicy not to expose(not to mention renumerative for the snitch)

This is why I’m not concerned that the childfree will cause the population to plummet. This lady has made up for my non-procreation six times over. Poor kids.

I heard she lived with her parents in a 2 bedroom house. Even if it has three bedrooms, it is against the law to have that many pets in a house, never mind people.

I feel so sorry for those children.

I’ve been watching for it in the updated stories coming out but no one has addressed how she financed the invitro process.
Invitro is pricey ($10-12K a try) and I wondered where she was getting the funds from. She was unemployed, going to school, and her parents income was $10,000 for the year and they were filing for bankruptcy.
And some of her other kids were conceived invitro also.
Who paid for this???

There’s speculation she may have had the invitro down in Mexico, where it is cheaper and the doctors would be more apt to do it for money… I don’t think any doctor in the USA would let a woman with six children have eight implanted into her.

I’m suprised the pro-lifers haven’t jumped on this story. If life begins at conception, then this mother of six did the right thing by not killing any of her eight pre-born children.

Annie-Xmas - Well, this pro-lifer agrees with the mother that killing some of the babies (my way of looking at it, not yours, presumably) would not be an acceptable choice. However, I agree with the multitudes in agreeing that she should never have been an IVF candidate in the first place, and that if she was a suitable candidate, 8 embryos shouldn’t’ve been implanted.


I’m pro-life and agree with her not killing any of the babies too. But creating the embryos at all is problematic for me, and killing them is no good either.

Any frozen embryos should have only been transferred only two at a time. Anything else can carry risks of higher order multiples which is not good for babies. A true pro-lifer (and I am nothing of the sort) would have told her to donate the embies or wait and thaw them one or two at a time. By transfering all eight she failed to provide them with a good uterine environment. She increased their risk of being born with low birth weight which increases their health risks and in the process also greatly increased her own health risks.

One of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen anyone ever do.