Octomom update: She's Still a Piece of Crap

Nadya Suleman article. Hates her babies, is surprised that having 14 kids is somewhat stressful and wishes she hadn’t had them. She can still give her babies up for adoption, can’t she? In case there was any doubt that Nadya Suleman has something seriously wrong with her, I think this article pretty much nails it down.

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If only there would have been some way to foresee that an unemployed single-mother of 6 was going to find that having 8 more children, all at one time, wasn’t a great idea…

Probably a good call. I wasn’t able to bring forth the necessary venom, but she does indeed deserve it. As many people here know, I’m not all about the kids, but these kids have done nothing to deserve her as a mother.

That’s one quiver full o’ crazy.

I don’t watch celebrity dating shows, and I won’t watch this one, but could someone post a notification when she finally comments to the camera, “You know how guys are when they find out you have kids.”

You just say that because you’re a librul baby hater.


I saw a blurb on the local news that she’s supposed to be on some kind of celebrity boxing show? (I’ll see if I can dig up the link) Apparently thousands upon thousands of people applied to be the one to punch her lights out.

I agree wholeheartedly that she’s a nutter, but I can’t say that I consider InTouch magazine to be a reliable source of information.

Wait, in that article she says she has never dated before. Where the hell did those first 6 kids come from if she has never been on a date? Did Canada develop some kind of impregnating ray gun and just aim it at her house or something?

Wait what? She’s from California isn’t she?

Why would an unmarried woman with 6 children be given fertility drugs?

All her children were conceived through IVF. The doctor lost his license.

Do you actually have to date to have sex?

Unmarried, who cares. Unemployed is what I find problematic.

Someone needs to help those children. Holy hell.

Yeah, I think so. I just assume Canada has a long range impregnating ray on hand to screw with random Americans.

Or she could, apparently, have a doctor that is so fucked up he gave her fertility drugs over and over again until she has so many kids she is eating lunch in the bathroom to escape her brood. Either way, really.

Oh, whew. I thought this was going to turn into another Cilene Dionne thing and I don’t think we can apologize again.

Eight babies at once is too much for even the most stable, best-adjusted and employed woman in the world.

Eight babies at once for an unemployed single mom with no support system is suicidal.

I really feel bad for those kids. At best they’ll end up pseudo-celebrities on reality TV. At worst, their mother will sell them for parts.

Unemployed is a big issue, but umarried is problematic too. IVF often results in multiple births, and the woman already had six kids. Unless she was also quite wealthy, it was not feasible for her to care for more all by her loneseome.