Seventy-five dollars a carton?

Andy Rooney said tonight on 60 minutes that the carton of Marlboros on his desk cost them $75.00. In New York City, I assume.
I’m an ex-smoker. I have little sympathy for smokers, and I’d like to see them all quit. Tomorrow. Sorry, North Carolina, Kentucky, etal.
But I see cartons in supermarkets for $45.00 or less. Discounters sell them for considerably less. These are “brand name” smokes, not the cut rate kind.
Anyway, my actual question is, do cigarettes actually cost $75.00/carton in NYC?
That’s $7.50/pack. $250.00 per month for the pack-a-day smoker.
How much do they cost where you live?
I think this question should be answered only by smokers. I’ve found that non-smokers exaggerate (lie big time) about this subject. :wink:
Also, this thread is about the direct dollar per carton cost of cigarettes, nothing else. Save the “harm” crap for another thread, please.

In BC, Canada, I believe a carton of cigarettes is $80.00 or so.

IANAS, but I’ve sure sold a lot of cigarettes in my time. Anyway, with the taxes New York City puts on a pack of cigarettes, I would not at all be surprised if the retail cost of a carton in the city is $75.00. Heck, in today’s New York Times, there’s an article about a proposed 50-cent increase in the city’s tax, which could push some brands past 8 bucks a pack. Sometimes you see discounts for buying by the carton, but I don’t think they’re ever more than a few bucks. I can easily believe $75 cartons of the brand-name cigarettes like Marlboro and Camel. Even more if you can get American Spirit in that part of the country.

I get Dorals for $21/carton, or name brands for about $28/carton

In North Texas, a carton of name brand cigarettes costs between $27 and $35, depending on where you shop. On September 1st, that price will increase by $10 when the additional $1 per pack tax increase goes into effect.

Around here, anywhere from $11.99 for a carton of Westports to $34.39 for a carton of Benson and Hedges, plus local sales tax of 6 - 7%. The other two price points are (I think) $21.99 and $27.29.
Yes, I do work somewhere that sells them; why do you ask?

Cigarettes are 300 yen (a bit less than $3) in Tokyo. They’ve only gone up 20 yen in the last five years.

In Milwaukee a carton or Marlboros is arould $32-$35 or so. But if you’re in the Dells area, head over to Ho-Chunk Casino and get name brands for $25-$30. I’ve always assume that has something to do with taxes and being on Indian land, but I could very well be wrong.

They’re 220-250 yen in Wakayama depending on the brand.

Is that per pack, or each? :slight_smile:

Prices for a packet of Marlboro in Germany: 3.80 euro a packet; (17 cigs).

In the Netherlands the price is 4 euro’s (5.08 US-dollars) for a packet of 20 cigarettes.

They’re around AUS $12 a pack in Australia which is about US $9.

Wow, that’s wild. Why are there less cigs in a packet in Germany? Here in the States, I’ve never seen a packet of cigarettes which doesn’t have 20 in it.

Last night, I paid $38.95 for a carton of Marlboros.

Is there any reliable information out there as to how the price of cigarettes affects smoking behavior?

In southern Indiana, they’re about $32-35 for a carton of Marlboros.
When I moved from Chicago about a year ago, they were at about $5/pack, $60-65 a carton.

I used to work at a tobacconist’s in No. Indiana, and the only change in a smoker’s habits caused by tax increases was more complaining about the price of cigarettes.
“The cost is going up again? Guess I’m gonna have to quit.”
That sort of thing.

I’m sure some people did quit due to price increases, though.

I’d love to see the stats for this, too. Price wasn’t the reason I quit (it didn’t even make me cut down), but it was one of many.

Yes, it makes them spend less on other stuff!

BTW - UK brand name smokes are about £5 per pack (20).

I don’t smoke anymore, but I think the price per pack in NYC, with taxes, is about $7.50 now, so $75 for a carton sounds right.

My impression is that raising tobacco prices causes more people to avoid starting smoking, and relatively-fewer people quitting. Total smoking rates still go down, though.

I live in Idaho and the price of a carton of Camels varies from $28 to $35 in town. The Shoshone-Bannock reservation sells Camels for $25.35. I believe that their lowest advertised cigarettes are $17 per carton, but I don’t smoke cheapies so I couldn’t say for certain.