Several Species of..

I noticed there were several Pink Floyd fans around. One thing I always wondered: What the hell is the Pict ranting about during “Several Species of…”? Is it in english? Is it even in a language? Does it make any more sense on acid?

The pict is “grooving.” He/she/it says “I’m going to tear you into little pieces” or words to that effect.

I believe it is in English, albeit with a strong Scottish accent. I know one phrase is “Dead – Dead as it can be.”

Several Small Species of Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Groovin’ with a Pict from Ummagumma by Pink Floyd.

Hmm, I just thought he was spouting of nonsense syllables.


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I think the song you are thinking about is called One of These Days, and I think the phrase is “One of these days, I’m going to cut you into little pieces.”

As far as the pict in Several Species of… I don’t really think he says anything, but I was always to peaking to hard to be positive. So no it never really made sense to me on acid, but it sounded really cool.

Yeah, DK! That’s it. I didn’t have any orange sunshine handy to awaken those old neurons…

I beg to differ. My Pict isn’t so hot but that guy’s definitely talking about… umm…something. I remember picking out the phrase, “Never!, he cried, never!” and later on, “…and I cried, cried, cried”. Beyond that, I have no idea what he’s saying but I’ll bet someone does.

“and the wind cried mary”
something like “aurorie creee”
“brave marion” or something like that
are some of the sounds I can pick out.

neat ‘song’

Aye an’ a bit of Mackeral settler rack and ruin ran it doon by the haim, 'ma place
well I slapped me and I slapped it doon in the side and I cried, cried, cried.

The fear a fallen down taken never back the raize and then Craig Marion, get out wi’ ye Claymoreout mi pocket a’ ran doon, doon the middin stain picking the fiery horde that was fallen around mafeet.

Never he cried, never shall it ye get me alive ye rotten hound of the burnie crew.
Well I snatched fer the blade O my Claymore
cut and thrust and I fell doon before him roundhis feet.


A roar he cried frae the bottom of his heart that I would nay fallbut as dead, dead as 'a can be by his feet; de ya ken?

…and the wind cried back.

Pict, pikt, n. (From Picti, the name given them by Latin writers; of uncertain origin.) One of a race of people (probably Celts) who anciently inhabited the northeast of Scotland.

– From Educational Book of Essential Knowledge by the Webster folk. ©1969

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By the way, I’m sure some of you knew that, but I didn’t and so posted it for the benefit of others like me who listened to the “song” and never knew what a Pict was.

OK, Raven. I’ll bite. Where’d you get that from?

I sure hope not from listening to the track over and over and over and over and over and over and holy sh*t the walls are moving, man . . .


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I traced the origin of my family name in a mall and found out that we’re Pictish. The computer print out also told me that the Picts invented the words “silly” and “tin”. I must add that this was done in a very large mall, which adds to the veracity of this claim.

If you listen very closely, you can hear both “silly” and “tin” repeated on the track. However, they have been recorded backwards.

Hey, same here! :slight_smile:

A thingie about my name said that it was believed to be Pictish in origin, and that the Picts originally came from France and lived on Erin and Alba before the Celts, but were later absorbed by the Celts.

Raven’s got it right (at least most of the lyric pages around the web agree). I dug a little and found out it was originally a poem by Scotland’s much-loved worst poet William MacGonagall.

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Thanks, Stephen.

I guess that was a polite way of saying I should get off my butt and do my own research, huh? :wink:


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