Sewing thread

First of all, I don’t know jack about sewing.

What’s the strongest thread available for me to sew with? Do people sew with fishing line? I am trying to anchor some hard foam in place and I think thread would be the most elegant solution (better than duct tape). I would like to sew it up but it needs to stand up to a lot of lateral force from people jumping on it. The only “thread” I know of that can take that kind of force is fishing line, but I figured there must be a kind of thread that’s as strong or stronger than fishing line that can be more easily sewn.

Optimally, this would also be a thread I could use around the house because all the cushions I sew up come unraveled :wally

If you could better describe what you’re up to…

Foam on its own won’t withstand being sewn for very long - it will tear out at the stitches, especially if people are going to be jumping on it.

You might want to consider wrapping the foam in a vinyl/naugahyde sort of covering and sew that onto whatever.

As for strong thread, some of the strongest stuff I’ve encountered is waxed linen, which I used for sewing buttons onto boots. Seemingly strong enough to tow a car with, but too thick for any “normal” sewing machine.

I think I can envisage what you’re trying - holding a several-inch-thick sheet of foam steady?

If so, as gotpasswords said, you need something to stop the stitches shredding. My cheap-and-simple solution would be to piece holes through the foam and put in lengths of plastic tube (ie drinking straws :smiley: ), through which you can put whatever thread you want.

As others have said, there is a difficulty with having a thread that is significantly stronger than the material. If you go to a fabric store, they usually have lots of very cheap polyester thread, but you don’t want to use it to sew natural fabrics. Cotton, for instance, is easily cut by polyester.

You actually want thread to be weaker than the fabric, since it is always easier to replace a stitch that tears out than to replace the cloth itself when it tears.

However, I can’t think of any kind of thread that is weaker than foam rubber.

There’s the standard upholstery thread which is made for this kind of thing. I don’t know if that’s the strongest thing you could sew with tho.

I had never thought of that. It’s a hard foam and pretty tough, but I can imagine how the pressures exerted by a thread would rip through it. But that seems easily solvable. The drinking straws idea is brilliant :smiley:

Would I be able to find linen thread at my local crafts store? Is there anything special about it I should look for?

Depending on what exactly you are doing here, dental floss is extremely strong and can be used for hand sewing.


Have you considered Goop? Krazyglue, Superglue and the rest don’t work on many materials and simply don’t work well on anything that takes stress. Goop works on so many things. It takes stress like crazy. It is the adhesive of kings. It is available in, OTTOMH, household, plumbing, and boating varieties.

No, I am not a shill for Goop. But in my many bizarre projects, I have found that I can put my faith in Goop.

I have some kevlar sail repair thread that I use for sewing just about anything (except, generally, clothing). You can get this at pretty much any marine supply store (alternatively, you can used waxed whipping twine). Of course, to use it you need a palm thimble and some large needles.

I haven’t used Goop that much, but now it’s going on my shopping list. Unfortunately I still need to sew because I would like the ability to take the thing apart at some point in the future, and then reuse the foam for other things some time in that future’s future. Duct tape would work fine for that, if it wasn’t so ugly :cool:

I need the best thread for sewing on a suitcase where the handle ripped out on one end. It needs to be sewn by hand, not machine. However, it the thread can be used on a home sewing machine, that is okay too. The material is a heavy cotton/polyester blend, but the material is folded several times. It would be like sewing on denim that is multi-layered and folded. I will have to use pliers to pull the needle through the cloth.

My second question–Could you tell me where to buy it? I am not sure there are any marine stores around here.

I use this suitcase for flying all the time, and would like to make sure the threads don’t break.

I have learned a lot from your tips, and wouldn’t even mind if the thread had a UV protectant on it.

My third question–Does anyone know where I could find the strongest, best needle to use on this job?

Did the handle rip away cleanly or did part of what it was attached to come away with it?

These look promising:

Consider taking it to a shoemaker, for repair. They have all the right thread and equipment and a better knowledge of what will work best. You’ll get a repair you can be confident will hold up. As opposed to something you spent a lot of time on. Looks like it ought to work, cost you some money in supplies, and falls to bits on first use!

I took it there first, but they said they couldn’t fix it.:frowning:

Perhaps some very small diameter stainless steel wire … punch the holes with an awl or drill with a small bit. You get strength, durability and a nice shiny finish that stains less than most other things.