Sex and the City Musci--Juan Esquivel, or only [i]like[/i] Esquivel?

I heard the song Mini Skirt by Esquivel, and thought it was the Sex and the City theme song. (Or anyway, the song that got played during commercials for Sex and the City–I never watched it so I don’t know if or how the song fit into the show itself.) But a google search for “Sex and the City Esquivel” seems to turn up nothing relevant except for one other person saying Mini Skirt reminds them of Sex and the City.

Is it the same song or not?

I haven’t been able to find a clip from SatC which includes this music, yet, or I’d be able to tell for myself probably.


Written by Douglas Cuomo
Published by LT Music thru Warner-Tamerlane Music (BMI)


Do you know where I can find a clip of that song online? I want to check whether it is in fact the theme song from SatC that I have in mind, or whether it’s some other piece of music that is somehow attached to that show.


Found it. I’d say its first several notes are similar enough to the Esquivel song that there’s some explicit reference going on there.