Sex and Weed

I had a rare girl-talk session this week and the subject of weed and sex came up. We are all ‘ladies of a certain age,’ which means that all of this happened long ago and we are now longer hotties (if we ever really were). None of us smokes weed any longer; we’re more the Geritol set.

One woman confided that the first vaginal orgasm she ever had was after smoking weed. She said she jumped him and in the dominant position had the best sex of her life.

My own experiences with sex and weed involve previously undefined hot-spots. It’s as if there’s a circle of heat, perhaps quarter-size, that appears at random somewhere on my body: left cheek right under my eye, right forearm, etc., that pulsates as a full-blown erogenous zone. Concentration on this spot provides the same excitement (and outcome) as genital stimulation.

I usually think my personal experiences are unique, then I read the Board and realize I’m just another human being.

If you’ve experienced the hot-spot sensations, was it fabulous or scary? If you’ve experienced this, what made you stop the drugs? In my case it was because I felt both sexy and stupid (ultimately the being stupid feeling outweighed the hot-spots), but man, I have fond memories…

Never tried the stuff, but in the interests of finding the hot spot I’d be willing to investigate.

I’m 27 and my girlfriend is 28,

I smoke every day and she smokes about 3 or 4 times a week (Usually when she’s with me! heheheh)
On the occasions that we’re intimate and on weed she does get that hot-spot thingy. She has it behind her knees and on her feet. She’s had an orgasm by me only touching the sole of her foot at the heel!! It was an excellent experience.

I’ve never experienced that kind of feeling (cos I’m a boy and we only have ONE erogenous zone) but I love it when she does. It’s very good for my self esteem to able to do that to another person.

On another note - weed is not the only drug that makes this happen. I can remember the same thing happening on other drugs. LSD is really good but I’ve stopped doing that now. Not because I felt stupid or anything but because the supply ran out.

Yeah drugs open up all kins of different zones on your body. Erogenous zones turn up where you least expect them.
Ecstasy to me feels like receiving an excellent Swedish massage but instead of the massage pressure coming from an external source (ie the masseuse) it comes from the inside.
It feels like someone is INSIDE me giving me the BEST massage ever!
Whoa long post huh? You just revived an excellent memory - something I feel strong about. Thanks Straykat23

Hot spot? I’m like that all over when I partake of the sacred herb of the Earth Goddess.

I should also point out that however high you are when on drugs is balanced by feeling very low when you get off them.

I dont want to encourage anyone to try them. Make your own mind up after doing your own research.

This is more of an IMHO than a General Question.

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It can be really, really good sex on weed. Cna’t say as I’ve heard about the “hot spot”, but all of your feelings of touch can be really intensified.

Although, one drawback I’ve noticed – Just as it sometimes can make your mouth really dry, it also can keep women a little drier than normal for sex.

Just my 2¢.

I haven’t noticed this at all.

Or this. Although I am really sleepy afterwards. I think that’s more a product of physical exhaustion than coming down for me.

Arden, it’s certainly not all the time, but of the few times we’ve run into that problem, either weed or benedryl has been involved.

Benedryl is definatly evil that way.

Oh wow. I love this.
Pot is a HUGE aphrodisiac for me. J’adore “the spot”. For me, it starts as a cold spot in my stomache, then, as it heats up, it moves down. By then, I am ready to fuck (can I say that here?) anything in my path. Fortunately, my boyfriend is always there!! I prefer him anyway.

I have a huge sex drive by nature, and this only enhances it. My orgasms are far longer when I am high. OHhhhhhhh… I need to get laid.

Despite this, though, I am not an avid smoker. I like to keep it a “once in a while” thing as not to kill an excessive amount of brain cells. I love those buggers!

I don’t find this to be true at all, especially with marijuana.

I’m not going to say that this isn’t true because, for you, it might very well be. However, the effects of weed really depend on the person and could never be absolutely defined. Like me, for example. I don’t get the “munchies” when I smoke. In fact, eating generally makes me sick when I’m high.

As far as the OP goes, I can’t really say that being high made any difference for me.