Sex Fantasies: A poll

I’m imagining what I am feeling, but also on how incredibly turned on he is.

Never fantasize about celebrities, strangers, etc. Pretty much only who I have sex with.

Not passive in real life, I like to give as good as I get, but a little more receiving in fantasies. Not what I would call submissive, at least as I think of the genre some of the posters have alluded to on here. Much more mutual, although idolatry is welcome at all times.

Always me giving pleasure to others.

Happily no, sadly, you aren’t my husband…

My fantasies tend to be all over the place and have varied significantly over the years, sometimes drastically changing as a result of a particular real-life partner. For example, the first time I was involved with a man who enjoyed being submissive, I started fantasizing about being dominant, setting up scenarios, testing them mentally, to see how it might work in our role-playing. Prior to that relationship, I hadn’t fantasized about myself in that way–more the reverse. But it sure worked and added a new dimension to my private world. If I notice myself become too repetitive in my fantasy world, I will deliberately try flipping roles from doing-to others to being-done-to.

I don’t suppose that answers the question, really. But I’ve been at this for over 50 years, and I don’t really see a pattern for me. I fantasize about memories, optimistic futures, reworked scenarios from my youth, about active and passive roles, about watching others and being watched…I guess I’d just say yes, a lot, to all of your options.

Per dahfisheroo’s list, mostly 4(voyeur) with some 7(Optimistic future scenarios). One of the many things I’ve learned here is that a lot of women primarily have voyeuristic fantasies.

1)You receive more ** 90%**
2)You give more 0%
3)50/50 10%
4)Voyeur 0%

Since the above can only be one or the other:

6)Memories - 25%
7)Optimistic future scenarios - 75%

I usually picture myself doing something to someone. There are a few occasions where something is being done to me, but that’s not that common. With the focus on doing rather than getting, I guess it wouldn’t surprise anyone to read that I’m a guy.

Usually, the other person has to be into what’s going on or it’s not really any fun, even as a fantasy. Slight exception for bondage or rape fantasies where consent isn’t necessarily a component of the scenario, but I still want to imagine everyone involved getting sexual pleasure from it.

I don’t usually imagine what the other person feels, I imagine physical responses. IOW, I don’t swap POV with my fantasy partners, but picture things as if the real me were there with that person doing whatever we’re doing. I never have purely voyuristic fantasies. If I’m “watching” something, I’m involved in it, but picturing it from the outside.

I have weird sex fantasies. One way in which they are weird is: I’m not in them. I’m not just watching, though. I’m each person in them.

Oh god. TMI.


Frylock - I’ve done that, too! I usually pick one or the other, but I enjoy fantasizing from both partners’ perspectives at times. I’m not sure if that’d count as voyeuristic or not, but for the purposes of this poll I guess I’ll shoehorn it in there. I very often imagine fictional people in some scenario and that I am one of them.

But, I feel weird now after reading how many people equate fantasizing about receiving pleasure with being passive or submissive. I’ll often come up with my own ideal porno and picture a couple (or sometimes more), but when I am in the scene I’m usually the one in control and the one receiving pleasure.