Sex Fantasies: A poll

Idle curiosity, fellow 'dopers.

When you have sexual fantasies, are the good parts you doing something to someone else, or are they doing something to you?

To me, in fantasies, it’s being the recipient to all and sundry, although in real life, not necessarily so.

Not sure if it’s a chick thing, or a general thing.

It depends on a lot of factors. Currently my recurring fantasies involve me performing pleasure, but there have been many instances in the past where the focus in the fantasy was on my pleasure alone, and still more where it’s a shared pleasure thing. It just seems to be whatever I am in the mood for. (BTW, I’m female.)

Stuff being done to me. I’m ridiculously passive in sex fantasies.

An interesting question. I never supposed it would be any other way. Silly me…

Heh, my fantasies rarely involve me or anyone I know…mostly just uhmmm…scenarios. Hard to explain. On the rare occasion I do involve myself in the fantasies, well, I am quite submissive sexually, so it involves that line of thought.

How about them doing things to each other?

Many of mine are “scenarios” as well, where I’m picturing a couple people in a certain situation, and I, as myself, am not involved at all, like it’s my own private porno tape.

I am a straight girl, and I’ve never been with a woman, but it’s something I fantasize about just about as often as I fantasize about men. When I think about women, though, I often get off on the idea that I’m doing something to them, although men are mostly just doing things to me. So I suppose I’m all over the place.

I think about other people like my own private porno.

I don’t fantasize about other people having sex with each other, who cares? It’s all about me, me, me, damnit.

I was going to put the caveat of not including mutual for the poll, I took that part for granted, maybe wrongly.

Ok, how about this: Your most popular, exciting fantasies are:

1)You receive more

2)You give more





7)Optimistic future scenarios

Here, just lay down on the couch, close your eyes, relax, get comfortable, and tell me all about it…

To be honest, it depends on the girl the fantasy involves. There was a girl who I took rapier lessons from where any fantasy I happened to concoct involving her invariably involver her looking at me like a cat looking at her next mouse (but in a good way, yaknow?)

So I’m not the only bondage freak? :smiley:

A little bit of column A, a little bit of Column B.

I’m very inexperienced with sex in real life, so I sadly cant provide any more input.

hmm, mostly on giving pleasure, I suppose. Possibly uncommon for a male, but the hottest part of sex to me has always been when my partner is really in to it, and obviously enjoying herself because of what I’m doing.

With the acception of blow jobs, usually them doing something to me. Of course I’m usually tied up. Hmm…I wonder if I became a masochist just because I’m lazy?
1)You receive more------->

2)You give more ------- Hard to say. Whether the sub is actually giving or recieving more.

3)50/50--------Equal? What’s the fun of that?

4)Voyeur-------Not really

5)Other-----the guy watching me. And I guess I have to mention the guy talking to me. Guys don’t talk enough. In my fantasies they say evil things.

6)Memories-------Oh yes. But my best memories make me too sad because he’s not here.

7)Optimistic future scenarios------OH yes.

Here, just lay down on the couch, close your eyes, relax, get comfortable, and tell me all about it…

All of the above. Really. Sometimes all in one fantasy. I live a rather active life in my imagination to make up for the lack in reality. :wink:

Most often, I’m the one doing the doing… and when I am receiving, it’s almost always a blowjob.

Man, I really need to get some variety into my fantasies!

I guess I’m all over the place as well. Giving, taking, or not even being present in the scenario are all common elements. Although I’m always the only guy involved in any of them. Hmmmm…

Well I’ll add to your anecdote to start making data! For me, the thrill of the act of sex is very much about the pleasure of my partner (or, perhaps - there’s a large element of ‘hey, I did that!’ as you say).

My fantasies however, tend not to be about sex per se ( :wink: olives) so very much being the observer of…other acts.

Usually being done unto.

Me guy.

Question back at you: do you only imagine what you’re feeling, or do you also imagine what he’s feeling?

Both. It would depend upon the mood and fantasy I am feeling. Sometimes it would be me doing something to someone. Other times it will be someone doing something to me. Actually, I would say it swings between the extremes of me being the submissive and the dominate.

My additional question is do you always fantasy about yoru SO, or about people you know or see in the media, or about complete fantasy girls/boys?

I am somewhat sub, sexually speaking. But in terms of fantasy, I’m very sub, therefore, my fantasies always involve things being done to me.