Sex, Fish, Vergetarians, and TMI

Ok so Vegetarian is a bit of a literary stretch but in the spirit of MPSIMS…Who here does not like seafood and avoids oral stimulants because of it?*

*myself, pure however with so many people talking about the fishy smell, etc. it is an interesting poll

Well, considering if a woman bathes daily and is in good health, there shouldn’t be a ‘fishy’ smell.

Hell, I work with fish on a regular basis (I cook for a living), and fresh fish doesn’t have a ‘fishy’ smell, either. If it smells ‘fishy’ then it’s not fresh.

Oral stimulants? You mean like coffee, tea, Mountain Dew?


Vergetarians are people who eat by the side of the road, aren’t they?

I’m always on the verge of something, does that make me a vergetarian? If I want to bee healthy, does that make me not a vegetarian? If I want oral stimulation, who will be my stimulant?

Why do I never have answers, only questions?

Myself, pure however, also.

I think…

I was going to say ‘…eat bushes.’ :smiley:

Fish tends to be fairly soft food. If I want oral stimulation, I’ll go for a nice bag of Terra Chips, or maybe some fresh crunchy apple.