Time Travel
I’ve always wondered as a child if I traveled back in time would I be the age I was in that year or would I be the age that I was when I traveled back and see myself younger. Would I be two different people? It’s more of a question of deminsions. By traveling back in time do I create my own deminsion, or are there no deminsions besides now? but then again, if this is the only deminsion, then how could I manipulate time by traveling back?
Yes many questions… take a stab at this one
I just used this title to get more responces…just curious at what other people think

I think you’re an idiot.

But I bumped your thread anyway. I hope you have luck getting responses, and I wish I could help, but I can’t figure out what you’re asking.

Lilithsm, since there is no factual answer to your question (at least as you have posed it),* you may wish to e-mail the moderators and ask that this thread be moved over to the IMHO Forum. (You may also want to refrain from using misleading titles in the future–especially in General Questions–as it tends to make some people cranky.)

  • Time travel is, at best, a hypothetical activity (that may be entirely impossible) and there are as many opinions regarding what it would accomplish as there are opinions as to how it might work.

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