sexiest female celebrity?

Who is the hottest female celeb you know? cite please!!!

I don’t know any hot female celebrities… :frowning:

Catherine Zeta Jones, Catherine Zeta Jones, Catherine Zeta Jones.

Just in case I didn’t make myself clear, CATHERINE ZETA JONES!!!

Liz Hurley… Heather Graham…

Angelina Jolie.

I also nominate her for “Weirdest”.

Dorothy Fuldheim.

Charlize Theron does something for me, as does Ashley Judd.

Salma Hayek… And Janeane Garofalo. I can also agree with Angelina Jolie (and I second the nomination for “Weirdest”).


Christina Ricci!!!

So, where did y’all meet ms. Jones et al.? The OP did specifically say, the hottest one you know, not the hottest one you know of.

Thanks, Meatros, in joining me in retentive geekiness.

About the only celebrity I’ve met is Paloma Picasso, so I guess she gets the nod.

I’ve met a few playmates at conventions, oddly enough I wouldn’t say they were hot. Maybe it was the setting and all, something about a playmate from the early 80’s scrounging around for people to buy her autographed nudy photo just ain’t going to make me pop wood.
Ethilrist-sigh no problem…I do longly wish that I knew some hot female celebrities…Jessica Alba for one… Shoot, if given the opportunity to meet her I don’t think I’d be able to talk to her long. My pants would fill with my man-cream and our intelligent discourse would include only a couple of grunts and squeels from me.
::wishes he could meet hot celebrities::

Haven’t met her (YET!) but I have to say the lovely Jennifer Garner wins hands down. Or up, or wherever she tells me to put them. :smiley:

I second the nomination for Salma Hayek
Even with the Frida kahlo monobrow and moustache
she’s preeeeeety!

Cameron Diaz.

This is easy… Tiffany Amber Thiessen, Halle Berry, Zhing Ziyi, Stacy Keibler, Catherine Zeta Jones, and Nicole de Boer.

Liv Tyler is quite hot in my ever so humble opinion.

If you ask Kal, however, it would have to be Vanessa Williams, who he says “he would do in a heartbeat, baybeee”.

The question has now been answered.

My J-list…

Jessica Alba
Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Aniston

… I know, I know. Everyone and his brother will dispute the last two for some reason or another, but this is a subjective exercise after all.

I’d cut off any non-essential body parts for a chance to know Tori Amos.