Sexual Behavior of HIV+ individuals

At the risk of being called a lot of nasty names (you know who you are), I once again provide evidence that it’s not generally a good idea to sleep around.

Well, let me rephrase that for you, if I may. It is especially a good idea not to sleep around unprotected.

And that includes oral sex, thank you very much.

It didn’t need to be rephrased. It really isn’t all that good an idea to sleep around. The “especially” part wasn’t necessary especially since a condoms are only so effective. Genital warts anyone?


I’m convinced, from a historical perspective, that biblical prohibitions and proscriptions about sex are merely the result of astute observations with regard to the extreme inadvisability of “free love” sexual “revolutions”, buggery, bestiality, etc…

It seems that that we humans need to “rediscover” venereal disease every so often, with disastrous result. The 60’s generation was especially tragic/laughable, since they acted as if they were the first generation to discover sex, and how they were going to change the world. Well, I guess they were partly right.

Thank you, Pharmboy, for your concern towards the SDMB. Even though it’s been a well-known fact (despite some accusations thrown about) that one should be careful where one sticks his penis.

Well, it’s like this… Bad Disease appears, people start taking Precautionary Measures to prevent Bad Disease. Due to Precautionary Measures, cases of Bad Disease go down. Some dumber people take this to mean they can stop taking Precautionary Measures… and cases of Bad Disease go back up again.

I will refrain from commenting except for two things; one, no matter how many sexual partners you have, wear a condom until you make that commitment, and two, get tested regularly for HIV (and the proliferance of anonymous HIV testing, plus there being a no-blood test now, should persuade everyone to get it reguarly).