Sexual preferences..... sort of.

Ok, I was discussing with my friend sithrider things that seem to be important to ladies when it comes to sex. Both of us are rather smart guys, to be honest, so we know that size isn’t so much important as girth. But then he asked a hypothetical question… which I will pass on to you, with a little bit of a set up.

I enjoy sex, but when I was growing up all I had to compare myself to was porno movies. I don’t feel that I’m tiny but I’m pretty sure I’m average at best. Both my wife and our girlfriend have assured me that I’m “just right for them” so I’m not worried about that… I love to go down. Sometimes that’s all I want to do, is go down on a lady for as long as she’ll let me. It is my very favorite thing in the world to do. I’m also apparently pretty good at it, according to all my former sex partners. In fact, I once caused an ex-girlfriend to pass out due to lack of oxygen…

So what I’m asking, mostly for the ladies, is which do you prefer… a nice thick penis, or someone who has skill and a great desire for performing oral sex on you? I’m curious!

I have never been a huge fan of oral sex. Perhaps it’s that I’ve not been with anyone who’s good at it, or willing do it because they thought they had because I went down on him.

So, personally I’m a fan of wider-but it doesn’t have to be super wide. Well…at this point I’d be happy with a skinny one, a short one, or what not, as long as it’s attached to someone I care about.

Sorry. Can’t choose.

I love oral sex and am blessed with a man who loves to do it. But I also would never want to do without that width thing, which I currently have with the same man who loves oral sex.

So, I don’t have to choose. <g>

I’ll take the latter for $1,000, Alex!

Oh, and if you feel the same way, marry a man who plays the harmonica. Trust me on this one.


A note to my fellow daw–males: practice your alphabet. Ladies love capital T.

Note to self; Learn to play Harmonica…

T my ass… Give me a Q or a W any day!!!

I’ll take oral over a thick dick any time. There are a lot of thick dicks out there, but not many guys have a great tongue. (I have one who does, and I aint letting him go… temp loan sure, but he’s mine!) Sides, I prefer small to average size penis. Big = Ouch. Guys, don’t give me any of that “you ain’t never had it the right way” crap either. Let me stuff a baseball bat up your butt… you’ll like it cuz I’m “special”!! Big is fun yes, but in very small doses. A good tongue though… oh, there are so many ways to make this girl yell to a god she doesn’t believe in :smiley:

Guys, remember… small to average equals VERSATILE! Big usually only fits in one place.

Actually, Jbirdman12, that works, but there’s a lot more to it…

suction is key…
Also, I’m with Mnementh on the harmonica thing… Hmmmmmmm…

The key is enjoying yourself, paying attention to her, experimenting, teasing, surprising…

The rest is just mechanics.

If I could find a man with both, I’d die a happy woman. I can’t pick just one.



I’m so glad I don’t have to choose. I have both right now in one wonderful man. :smiley:

I don’t understand most guys’ reluctance to perform orally on their partner. I love going down on a woman (I’ve been told I’m very good at it, too. But modesty prevents me from saying so). I mean, I’m more of a “pack a lunch, stay for the day” kind of guy. I once decided to devote an entire day to this girl I was seeing. Whatever she wanted me to do, that’s what I did. She asked me to go down on her, and I did. For two hours straight. She came, by her count, 27 times.

And here’s a new sig for anyone who wants it :slight_smile:


Easy choice for me as I couldn’t care less about the size of a man’s penis. Well, actually, I prefer someone smaller to someone larger. But someone who’s good at oral, ohhh, he’s a keeper!

Yes, I can die a “Happy Woman”. :slight_smile:

Oral is better. But both is preferable! I’m a lucky woman.

Oral all the way, baby. But hell, there’s not a lot of room in there anyway, so size has been an issue sometimes for me, but not in the stereotypical way.

I adore diving, and normally (what the hell am I saying, whenever I get the damned CHANCE!) do that pre-, during, and post. I find that when a lady has at least one orgasm before penetration, things go VERY well. And since not ALL wimmins have said “ohmygod, it’s so BIG” (what, did they miss that day in gym class when they teach you that line?) I can only base my assumptions on size on those who HAVE made comments of that sort. I do not comparison shop.

BTW, there was a time when I couldn’t have an orgasm through receipt of oral sex. I got over it. Maybe it was the lady involved.

I thought that O’s worked better there…