Sexual stimulation and ovulation in cats

I’m not going to bother linking to the thread and post, but someone mentioned in the MPSIMS thread about idiotic scientific ‘facts’ that they had a teacher who claimed human females could not get pregnant unless both partners orgasmed simultaneously.

My wife has a similar idea regarding domestic cats. According to her, the male cat’s wedding tackle is hairy, and this is because the motions involved in copulation and the presence of the hair provide stimulation that forces ovulation in the female. Part and parcel with this is that the female will have 1 kitten for each time she copulates while in season.

I call BS. Can anyone tell me the real scoop?

Well, a quick trip through Wikipedia verified the existence of the barbed penis, and confirmed the need for stimulation to trigger ovulation. However, some of her details are different than what the article states…

As you have noticed, the cat story is partly true. The wedding tackle is not hairy, but rather barbed. Upon pulling out after ejaculation, the pain caused to the female by the barbs induces ovulation.

While it is true that a litter of cats may have different fathers, you do not get 1 kitten per mating.

With regards to the teacher: if it were true that humans only breed after simultaneous orgasm, we would long since be extinct.

I saw nothing that says ovulation is only one ovum, BTW. I was certain that the stimulation part was hokum…

As an aside, the barbs present on a male cat’s penis disappear in the absence of testosterone. Look at an intact male cat’s penis and you see barbs; check again a few months after castration, and the penis is smooth as a babies ass.