Well, since you said please yes you may. :slight_smile:

Can’t say I have, but I’m quite intrigued. Do you know where I can find this film?

(honkytonkwillie, that’s the scene I had in mind when I wrote “envirosexual”! Well, that and the entire PBS series, “The Nature of Sex”.)

Is that some sort of Vampire Sex deal?

Is that some sort of Vampire Sex deal?


No, that doesn’t mean you do it in a frying pan!





Sophie B. recommends being omnisexual.

The belief that you are Gods gift to Women.

(Which, BTW I AM, but you have no idea what a sick sense of humor God has.)

Were you thinking Transylvanian? Funny, but not quite.

Look, to correct you, I’ll give you a hint: transvestite.

bibliosexual - a person who enjoys doing it in the library

uh oh, shall I type this? I gues if your a mother f****er you’re a matrisexual. egawd that opens up a whole line that I dare not tread

rubbersexual - a person attracted to blow-up dolls

gymnosexual - a person attracted to gymnysts