let’s see, we have

I’d like to add nihilsexual, it’s been awhile, curse my dorment genitals. Any others that might be useful?

Well, what would be a sort of “reflexive” prefix for masturbation?





No, that’s not right. Sounds good though.

There’s objectum sexuality, as in that lady married to the Berlin wall.

Sorry I have no site.

Psychosexual ---- It’s all in your head.

nanosexual - either someone who has some, but very little, interest in sex, or someone who lasts a nanosecond in bed

exisexualism - the doubt that your sex life really, truly exists

intelsexual - someone who can say the words “penis” and “vagina” in a clinical tone and without grinning or giggling

envirosexual - someone who gets off watching or reading about animals/plants “doing it”


Well since no one else has chimned in.

Trisexual - A person who will try anything once.

I always called being nothing more than a masturbater, being Unisexual.

Just think about yourself riding a unicycle while masturbating, it’ll help stick in your head.

That trick will also either put a real dent in your attempts to get off, or give you a hell of a weird fetish.

I thought the definition of “Intel-sexual” was those who are aroused by porn on the computer.


No, no, no!

Intelsexual is Japanese for InteRsexual!


God. I can’t believe none of you said that yet. You people need to get out more.

Maybe those who want to pay a lot for their porn. I’m more an AMD-sexual. (That doesn’t have nearly as nice a ring to it though.)

Please, Mr. Black Knight, can I use this as my sig? Pretty please?

envirosexual - someone who gets off watching or reading about animals/plants “doing it”

BLACK KNIGHT-----I gotta ask you this----have you ever seen that animated short film called FUCKING FLOWERS? IT’S GREAT!!!

No, but there’s that little scene in Pink Floyd’s The Wall where the flowers are getting it on.

There’s always “exsexual,” hooking back up with your former spouse/SO.

Or “SSexual,” getting it on with Nazi stormtroopers.

Or “Excessexual,” a problem I’d like to have.

Or “Essex-ual,” for you UK dopers.