Sexy wee beasties!

Some mice have all the fun for science’s sake.

Horny female mutants from Harvard!

Why am I suspecting that this research is funded by AXE body spray?

Take that, animal-testing opponents! If you had your way, think of all the fun these mice would be missing out on!

Wish I were a lab mouse …

Mouse pegging? :eek:

Wouldn’t it make more sense if these female mice were mounting/thrusting with other females? Or were they only put into cages with male mice?

Sounds like the makings of mouse porn.

Bow chicka squeak squeak

Man, what is it with the disclaimers?

Are they worried someone might extrapolate their findings to humans and start making a porn movie called Horny Female Mutants from Harvard? I suspect they’re too late…

Can I be the male the is hopelessly attacked?..Please?

I wonder what strain of mouse they were using. I’ve seen female behavior that they characterize as “male-specific”-- chasing, mounting, etc.-- in several mouse colonies, and I’d always regarded it as a more or less normal aspect of female group dominance, although more prominent in some strains than others. So I wouldn’t have interpreted the described aberrant mouse behavior as “females suddenly acting like males” so much as “females treating males like other females.” Mice recognize gender by scent; so if they can’t detect those cues for whatever reason, they don’t respond with gender-specific behavior. These female mice aren’t detecting any male scent, so they don’t respond to the males as such; they can’t detect the scent of their own pups, so they fail to nurse them properly. I don’t quite see what the mystery is.

I’m unconvinced that this is the dramatic breakthrough that the Telegraph article makes it out to be. It seems more like the mouse equivalent of Julia Sweeney’s androgynous “Pat” character from Saturday Night Live.

We lack a vomeronasal organ? I want one! (or do I? It sounds a bit like a description of Paris Hilton’s nose).

This may be news in the academic world, but it’s an open secret in Hollywood circles that Minnie’s been topping Mickey for years.

I’ve been wondering the same thing. Strain selection effects many aspects of a project, and some investigators don’t research the background they chose very well. (We’ll use Balbs! They’re cheap.)

For those not in the mouse-know: Strains of mice are similar to breeds of dog. Beagles and Dobermans have different behaviors because they were selectively bred for different purposes. Seletive breeding has been used on research animals as well, especially mice and rats.

While this little “discovery” has very little to do with humans, there may be an application for colony maintance. There have been times I would give a limb to get a strain breeding. (GFPs. Good gods! How could such an expensive strain reproduce so poorly? Its like buying a million dollar stud stallion and discovering he’s impotent.) If aggressive, horny females would help, so be it. :wink:

In all reality, I just wantd to post “Horny female mutants from Harvard.” :smiley:

It would allow you to sniff a vagina, or urine, to determine if the vagina’s (or urine’s) owner was worth having sex with. Sound like a fun Saturday night?

“Hey, baby–pee, and then lemme smell it…”
“Okay, but it’ll be an extra twenty bucks…”

Oh, well I’m not interested in how anyone’s (except my own) vagina smells, so that ends that. I am strangely let down by this.

I can certainly understand that. In fact I suspect the same impulse was responsible for the Telegraph article. How many times does a science writer get the opportunity to employ the phrase “aggressive pelvic-thrusting masculine lotharios?” Too damn seldom, in my book. Add an actual photo of murine dominatrix foreplay and it’s as close to perfection as journalism can hope to achieve. The only thing lacking is the scandalous inclusion of a prominent British politician.