SF book about a couple abducted by blue skinned aliens

I’m trying to remember the title and author of a SF book I read around 30 years ago. It involved a young American couple who get abducted by blue skinned, humanoid aliens who are benevolent and observing Earth. She becomes attracted to the alien who is looking after them, making her husband jealous. I think the alien’s name was Nilat. I think it was published in the UK by Dobson Science Fiction but that is all I can remember.

You can try looking through all of the science fiction books (several hundred of them) that Dobson ever published. Can you limit the year it was published? That would make it easier for you to check:


Thanks, I think I’ve got it! Kidnapped into Space by Brenda Pearce, sounds familiar. The fact that it’s a female author sounds right because the book was from the woman’s POV. It doesnt seem to be available anywhere though.

Got it! It was on Amazon after all. Thanks for your help!

What is every sci-fi book ever written, Alex.

The Internet Speculative Fiction Database is the place to start in answering most questions about science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

That site sucks ass for searching for things unless your idea of a good search is to endlessly look at individual titles with no description, so you have to click the link, then load the page, then go back…

There’s a ton of information there, but the way it can be sorted and searched is beyond terrible.

ISFDB really only shows author and publication details. It’s good if you need to know every magazine and anthology that ever included Nightfall, but useless if you are looking for plot details.

Or if you want information on a specific story. If I needed to know what years “Space Is The Place” by Jon Zuncrew was published and in what magazines, it’s a great place.

Trying to find out the name of a story about space being the place written by some guy with a name that’s kind of like Motley Crüe? Not so helpful.