SF Here I Come? Channel 11

OK so at first we have a TV Market

San Francisco

And another TV Market

San Jose / Salinas / Monterey


So now Channel 4 in SF gets rid of NBC (or vice versa). So NBC buys Channel 11 and says OK now we are NBC and in San Francisco.

How? I mean did they move the transmitter? How can a city just decide it is no longer in a market. Plus doesn’t that leave Salinas and Monterey with TWO NBC (Ch 8 and Ch 11) and NO NBC. Doesn’t Ch 8 get mad they are losing viewers to Ch 11.

Or did SF always get Ch 11 and have two ABC (ch 11-when it was ABC and Channel 7)

In case this is the copy that doesn’t get locked as a dup:

No, large portions of SF do not receive ch 11, except via cable - the transmitter in somewhere in S. bay, and San Bruno mtn,. Mt. Sutro (where SF antennae belong) block the signal.

Something like 220,000 residences no longer get NBC via broadcast. Boo Hoo - the voice of General Electric and/or Microsquat can no longer be heard.

I’m heartbroken.

happyheathen is correct, although I’m confused my his MS comment, since they no more control NBC than they do ABC or CBS, which is to say not at all, in any way, shape or form.

SF has never gotten CH. 11 - Sutro tower being the main culprit. (IF you see any arial shots of SF, Sutro tower is the four-pronged radio tower about 2 miles south of Golden Gate Bridge).

Basically, NBC chose to abandon a few hundred thousand people, assuming they would get cable, and not giving a shit about the bad press. Making it all the more despicable was that they did it just before the Olympics. There was some BS about boosting their signal, but it didn’t matter - it’s not possible to get that channel w/o cable.

In 2000, Young Broadcasting bought KRON from Chronicle Publishing (which used to own The Chronicle before the Hearst Corp. bought it). NBC wanted to redo its affiliation agreement, asking KRON to pay NBC to carry its programs, when it had worked the other way around for more than 50 years. Young balked. Granite Broadcasting, which owns KNTV (Ch. 11), a little-known San Jose station, told NBC it would be glad to pay. NBC then moved its affiliation to KNTV.

Then, NBC bought KNTV outright. The network owns the station. That ended 11th-hour negotiations between NBC to buy KRON, which would have kept all those NBC shows where they’ve been forever.

In terms of viewers, the San Jose free air market is bigger than the San Francisco free air market.

They may be larger, but we’re cuter :wink:

[sub]and, besides, it’s not called the “San Jose Bay Area”[/sub]

So why didn’t NBC want a UHF SF station to carry the signal? Also does this mean the SJ/Salinas/Monterey is alson getting TWO NBC Stations?

If so, I thought only one network TV station was allowed in a market.