SF's new(ish) Moscone building

I popped over to the Semicon expo at lunch today. Not very far to go - if the windows opened, I could almost lean out of this building and touch Moscone West.

As expo halls go, this is a beaut! The comparison between the recently (about a year ago) added Moscone West and the nearby North and South buildings of the Moscone Center is stark. North and South are primarily underground. And they feel like they’re underground. The new West is above ground and the sense of vast, wide open space is amazing. The east wall is all glass, so there’s views and light.

Despite its utilitarian purpose, they’re really one a nice job with this.

As for Semicon, it’s a trade show for the semiconductor production industry. Acres upon acres of aisles filled with otherworldy robotic machines that zip around carrying the silicon wafers that pretty much all electronic devices are made with. It all looks extremely expensive.