Shakespeare as you've never seen it

Not to be a shill for BritNick but this short vid is mindblowing - I don’t know how the fuck they did the bit at the end (you’ll know what I’m talking about when you see it).

When Shakespeare goes wrong

A few guesses:

  1. Practice
  2. They had some monitors showing a person saying the lines and so they matched up to the lips
  3. They had miniature headphones which were edited out
  4. They were recorded individually and an editor slightly sped up and slowed down the pace so that they matched up

There’s more than one way to achieve an effect, so without more information it would be hard to say which method was used.

I’ve never seen these guys before, and I don’t know who they are. It’s a clever and funny sketch, but I don’t see anything particularly hard about doing it.

Do you mean the bit where they start talking in each others’ voices? Not all that hard to do. They speak the lines on camera. Then the other guy records the same lines. And the sound techs overdub the film from the first with the sound from the second. They’ve been able to do this from the very beginning of Talkies.

I tend towards recording separately, for the fact that no one ever looked at the other person throughout the whole skit and didn’t in any way try to mimic each other’s actoins.

But I’d tend more towards having headphones than editing. No one seems to be moving oddly in time. A few edits to fix problems, maybe, but not entirely edited.

ETA: I think he’s talking about them speaking perfectly in sync with each other. That is really hard to do without mistakes. The switched voices at the end is child’s play in comparison.

Is it? I wouldn’t have thought so. I’ve seen plenty of examples of it happening, not only by professional actors as part of a show, but also by ordinary people during club initiation ceremonies, and such like.

In a ceremony, people tend to talk at a fairly slow and regular pace. Even still, there’s a bit of a haziness where things don’t quite line up.

This was free-style, emotive speech and everything lined up perfectly.

In retrospect, I think the guy in the front was speeking normal. The two behind him probably had speakers in one ear each and were recorded later. The speakers probably weren’t edited out so much as they were just careful to only turn their head one way.

Well I’m glad no-one has put picking apart the technique behind the sketch detract from their enjoyment of it.


Y’all are hilarious. Speakers? Headphones? No. It’s practice and pacing. High school kids do it every year for a competitive forensics category called Group Interpretation.

I thought it was very funny, illuminatiprimus. Not sure what to say about it beyond that. I love the stream of consciousness silliness.