Shakespeare in a Box

My fav. kids bookshop (The Little Bookroom) has a sale on, so Leechboy and I dropped in looking for some cheap Christmas presents for our 12 nieces and nephews. Tucked out of sight on one of the top shelves was the coolest Shakespeare items I have seen in a while Shakespeare In a Box – King Lear.

There are two plays available in the Shakespeare in a Box format, the other is Taming of the Shrew. I decided to put King Lear on hold for my 12 yo nephew who is just starting to get into drama at high school. Pity Titus wasn’t available in a box, but still a very cool idea.

Actually I may end up keeping this one for me…… all for me! Bwahaha……

I believe I saw this at a Barnes & Noble shop recently! :cool:

No no no! You must divide up the game equally between all your children, in the assumption that they will play nicely with each other and let you loaf off in front of the TV.

Riiiight…“play nicely.”

There are swords in that play–don’t you just know that someone’s gonna get his eyes poked out?

I’d be a bit leary of that course of action.

Why? Were you hungry? :slight_smile:


That’ll be one Titus to go, with a side order of Shrew.
Would you like fries with that?