Shall we whine about migraines?

Because they’re certainly worth whining about, but I can’t quite work up the energy to properly pit my own brain.

Granted, I sort of had it coming today. I had a copious amount of butter-flavored popcorn last night, and some butter flavors will sometimes trigger migraines. And I was doing homework until 3 AM, then couldn’t fall asleep until 4, then I was up at 8. And it’s a particularly touchy time of month for my stupid girl body. “Why, yes, self, let’s do combine three things that may or may not cause a migraine! And then let’s spend the better part of your Tuesday not going to class but instead lying very very still in bed as they drill holes in the wall across the hallway!”

Am I the only one who, for several hours post-migraine, feels weird? I’ll be completely spaced out and feel sort of ‘out-of-body’. It’s vaguely like being stoned or mildly drunk, only not as much fun.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

I don’t get standard pain-in-the-head migraines – mainly just those optical ones, where my vision starts to have spreading colour mixes going across until I can’t see properly.

Once they subside, I usually feel decidedly unwell. Folks around me say I’ve gone pale or look ashen – and it means that I generally start heading for home.

I get a “hangover effect” the following day, even - minor headache (barely there in comparison to the migraine), and just feeling like crap overall. Plus I get a severe migraine every day of my period, so my gynecologist put me on continuous oral contraceptives to avoid that, but my stupid body occasionally says “hey, we’re going to have breakthrough bleeding now” and when that happens I’m supposed to stop the pill for 3 days. :mad:

I get ‘classic migraines’ occasionally. I still don’t really know what causes them. I feel strange for a day or so after too. Everything feels very exagerated and sharp, like my senses haven’t quite readjusted to regular life. I’ve never been stoned, but maybe that’s what it’s like too.

I get a weird euphoria after mine go away. Usually very energetic as well, oddly enough. Post-migraine I will often deep clean my closet in a sort of reverie, for instance. It’s odd, I tell you.

Make sure you get your rest. I know it is hard with school and everything, but it’ll be better for your migraines and your academic performance. Sorry if I sound preachy, but I preach because I’ve been there! I find less than 6 hours a night will trigger one for me without a doubt, and a built up sleep deficit over a week will usually lay me up with a happy Friday afternoon migraine. Oh joy.

Best of luck, feel better and get some rest!

I just took one of my pain pills for the migraine that is developing at this moment. I hope it stops; if it doesn’t, I hope I’ll die before it gets really bad.

It’s interesting because back in my hey day I did occasionally get stoned on pot. Yes, children, I inhaled. (And therein ends PunditLisa’s political career.) And I also get migraines. They are nothing alike. What actually resembles the period following a migraine, IMO, is the feeling that I got when I did Whippets.

For the uninitiated, Whippets are CO2 cannisters that you can buy at novelty stores. They are purportedly for chefs for dispensing whipped cream (hence the name Whippets), but young and very stupid college students inhale them instead. (It goes without saying that inhaling strange substances is a really, really bad idea, right?) Anywho, it felt like my brain got literally cold. And then afterward I felt like I was looking at the world through a magnifying glass. The object that I was focusing on was clear and sharp, while everything in the periphery was blurred and out of focus. An odd sensation and not particularly pleasant.

Humm - I’ve had a migraine for about 3 days. It sucks monkey balls. I’m really grumpy, and sadly I can’t stay home from work.

Migraines suck.

Ugh, I know (and if I didn’t, I’ve certainly gotten a reminder today). I’m back at school after a year away this semester, and so far I’ve been pretty good about getting at least 7 hours a night. And the really crappy thing is that I ended up missing the class I was up so late studying for. :smack:

Day 3 for me, too. Same old, same old.

The extra-cool thing is, my brand new zillion dollar a month health insurance exluded anything migraine related. No docs, no meds, no nothing. Forever and ever, amen. I’m pretty sure I’m not even allowed to whine.

If anyone asks, I was never here.

I don’t get migraines. My sister and my mom both get them chronically. I have no idea why.

I just had to take a friend of mine to the ER last night because she’d had one for four days that kept coming and going. She didn’t see anything wrong with that, said it happens to her all the time and she’s just out for the day.

Turns out, her brain was pressing on her optical nerves or some weird shit.

Migraines. Damn glad I don’t get them.


Weirdly enough, “cold brain” is almost exactly how I describe the “aura” that PRECEDES my migraines. It starts with a cold sensation just behind my nose - if I take a tylenol and two ibuprofen the instant I feel that, I can generally beat the migraine back. If I don’t get to the medicine cabinet fast enough, the next step is that the insides of my cheekbones and forehead seem to get cold, then the area of my head that would be covered by a Mohawk haircut - a strip from the top of my nose to the bottom back of my head. Once the “inside the cheekbones” cold hits, I’m doomed to spend the next three hours under a pile of blankets in a dark room… or puking, if blankets and dark are not available :frowning:

My post-migraine sensation is very much like that of a mild hangover - I feel tired, slightly disoriented and a tad nauseous, and I’m a little light-sensitive.

(For the record, most of my migraines are hormonal. I get the odd non-hormonal one about once or twice a year, though.)