Shallow DoF on Android

Back when I had an iPhone, I had an app that allowed me to manipulate depth of field to a particular zone of the image.

The idea was that if you photograph a model or miniature, the depth of field would not allow the full field of view to be in focus. Say you took a photo of a city from a high vantage point. The whole photo will likely be in focus. But if you make the foreground and background blurred with only a sharp zone in the middle it will look like a photo of a model. I’m not talking about only a blurred background. The app I had allowed you to adjust the sharp area by moving lines on the image.

I’ve seen the effect used on TV and movies.

I’m looking for an app for android to allow the same thing.

Thanks for any help.

Don’t know any Android apps, but the terms you need to look for are “tilt-shift” and “bokeh”.

Tilt shift sounds familiar. I’ll take a look. Thanks

Found an app called tilt shift camera. Only feature missing, unless I’ve just not found it yet, is the ability to skew the axis of the effect.