Shameless (US/HBO)

Surprised, no thread for the season?

Any ways, I looked on another site where it’s just 500 or so posts of gibberish about 8x03, a topic comes up about Kev’s…

[SPOILER] DNA test where they say he is from an inbred town in Kentucky, or a “Hollow” and I think I found the source for this:


Nitpick, but it’s on Showtime, not HBO.

Used to love this show, but gave up on it a season or two ago as it just seemed to get way too outlandish.

I tailed off sometime in season 4 I think. Liked the first couple of seasons a lot, but after awhile the repetitive( and frankly at times unrealistically idiotic )dysfunction became wearing. Also even then it was becoming a bit outlandish. I’ve thought about checking back in from time to time, but so far the motivation just hasn’t been there.

I hear you, I hear you. They did what they do to most shows, and they become overly formulaic.

Season 8 though, turning over a new leaf at the moment, I’d have to say you haven’t missed much that you couldn’t reasonably guess if you tuned out at season 4. But will it continue? I dunno, too early to say.

Are not allowed to name drop Reddit on here?