Shampoo: drugstore or salon?

Okay, I’m getting to the end of my current bottles of shampoo and conditioner. I was thinking of shelling out the couple extra dollars for salon shampoo, but I don’t know. I’m kind of stingy. So what do you guys think? Is salon shampoo worth it? Is it really that much better for your hair?

Nah, it’s not worth it at all. It may have been at one time. Suave is what I use, and it’s just as good as the expensive stuff. I am constanly getting compliments on my hair, as do my daughters. We don’t do anymore than shampoo and condition, and it still looks good.

As a ruggedly handsome manly man, somewhat resembling Fabio’s smarter brother, and having been blessed with a full, thick, luxuriant auburn mane that cascades down my powerful shoulders I am careful to keep my tresses extra healthy and shiny by using only the finest shampoos and hair care products.

After a long night and early morning of “workin’ it” at the hippest nightclubs in Passaic I need to be good to myself and that means, of course, “be good to my hair”. With this in mind I recommend Suave Shampoo. True, at $ 1.75 per a bottle it costs a little more than the “Scotch Buy” store brand or the “Gallon Deal” combination shampoo and dish washing detergent at Sam’s Club but the extra I pay is worth it for the bouncy glow it gives my precious locks.


Hell, that would qualify as high priced stuff at my house. We get Suave by the gross, usually between .98 and $1.29.

Doncha love that Coconut one!?

I’m using salon stuff, Tosca. If I could get Aveda products around here, I’d use Aveda.

But I’m old, and my hair ain’t what it used to be. The store-bought stuff (Finesse, various Suaves, Pantene, etc.) leave my hair dry, and I have to use more conditioner.

With the Tosca (or Aveda or Nexxus), I don’t need but a dab of detangler. I can get by with shampooing every other day, instead of every day.

So it evens out, financially. And I really like the Tosca scent. And the pump container.