"Shannara Chronicles" - coming to MTV soon!

I stopped reading these in the mid-80s, but I do recall liking them for a while. Admittedly one of their best features was that they stole liberally from Tolkien, thus giving those of us who’d read LotR a dozen times something else to enjoy.

It will be interesting to see if they can go light on the cheese and heavy on the adventure.

It’s MTV so I’d expect more CW-quality acting and plot lines than HBO/AMC/Starz stuff. Kind of funny to see them trying to jump on board the Game of Thrones bandwagon though.

Back in my day, we got shoved into lockers for reading this stuff! :stuck_out_tongue:

“Sword of Shinola,” as the sf writers I knew always called it. :slight_smile:

ETA: Okay, the reference may predate some of this crowd. As in “can’t tell shit from shinola,” a shoe-shine compound that came in many shades of brown.

Do I have to explain shoe shining now?

Lol wut r shooz

The picture of the cast does not fill me with confidence. It looks like a pic from a medieval reproductions catalog.

That said, Elfstones was one of the first fantasy novels I ever read and is just fine when you don’t already know about Tolkien.

… they’ve cast John Rhys-Davies as an elf? That’s… different…

Well, they’re sort of like… iPhones, but for your feet! Isn’t that silly?

Considering the reaction last year when I brought a fantasy story into a writing competition, we still get shoved into lockers for enjoying that particular genre.

Part of me wants to be excited about this, but the other part is saying “MTV? Really?” I shall reserve judgement for a bit longer.

Be careful what you compare it to ;). With “Jane the Virgin”, “The Flash”, “The Arrow”, CW’s acting and plot lines may be better than a lot of other networks (and probably Starz)

It’s been 37 years since I read Sword of Shannara and I still resent having spent the time reading it.

What a massive load of derivative crap. It’s the Hostess Twinkies of fantasy literature. Empty calories, and after you consume it, you’re left with nothing but shame and regret.

Fair enough. I was thinking more along the lines of Vampire Diaries and Reign – especially Reign. Every time I walk into the room while my wife is watching those, she feels compelled to give a “Yeah, I know, but…” remark before I say a word.

Hey! I was just 14 when the first one came out, and wasn’t so discerning.

By the time Wheel of Time started, however, I’d learned my lesson.

One of my good friends is trying to convince me to read Wheel of Time. I refuse to do it because I know he only wants me to do this so I’ll experience the same pain he’s feeling. His rant-filled summaries are much more interesting and hilarious than Jordan and Sanderson can ever hope to be anyway.

I liked Shannara. No shame. I was a kid.

MTV though. I reserve judgement on that.:rolleyes:

I read the original Shannara trilogy when I was a teen, and started the next trilogy. Then I realized how much was recycled from the first series. In my mid 20s I went back and re-read the originals and was appalled at how bad the writing was.

Here’s a fun game: start with the original Sword of Shannara trilogy and count how many times the phrase “red hair flying” is used. Apparently there are more redheads in Shannara than Ireland, and there’s some unwritten law that prevents their locks from being cut or tied back, so everyone’s red hair just flies all over the place constantly. Never a mention of “brown hair flying” or “blonde hair flying”, so it must be a genetic mutation that gingers have developed, perhaps to attract mates.
I do remember thinking that Terry Brooks at least came up with cool people/place names. Of course I smoked a LOT of weed as a teenager so that may have colored my thoughts a bit.

I did like that the the Shannara setting was post apocalyptic.

The trailer was just released. Link here.

I’m another “Read it as a pre-teen” so I don’t have the hate for the series like I probably should. The show looks better than I was expecting but that’s mostly due to the trailer not showing the actors trying to emote. As long of the actors don’t get in the way of the scenery (especially the ruin porn - which looks great), it could be even be a decent show.

I read the Shannara series when I was living back home in New Zealand. It’s weird to see that it’s now actually going to look like New Zealand. It won’t have stretched very far from what I had already been imagining.

I’m optimistic. Well maybe that’s too strong. I’m hopeful and have my fingers crossed.

I just want to it to be as good as the vastly, vastly underrated Legend of the Seeker. Also filmed in New Zealand, by the way.

I expected it to be a lot worse than that, that actually looked promising.