"Shape Shifter" has me in it's thrall!

Anyone else addicted to this computer game? It’s from Gamehouse.com, and it’s just a “simple” (ahem) shape matching game. Until you try to do it … with aging reflexes. :smiley: Lately, the gamehouse site has not been letting me get on, for some reason, to the web version, so Friday night I broke down, downloaded the game, and paid for it. Lord have mercy! I shouldn’t have done that, it’s only made my addiction worse! The download version is even better (and more addicting!) than the online one. :smack: It also has very elegant and beautiful artwork, though the music may drive you crazy after a while …:stuck_out_tongue: You can turn the sound off, though.

If you haven’t tried it, go try it now… except be prepared to become an addict.

A link would be helpful…

Sorry, thought most people were familiar with the gamehouse.com site… which is:


There have recently been many compaints against gamehouse.com for delivery of spyware (and possibly browser hijackers.)

(They are partnered with the notorious scumbags at netpalnow.com)

If you’ve wandered through that whorehouse, you’d best get yourself over to Adaware to get their filthy hooks out of you.

I found it on Coffee Break Arcade. Here’s also a direct link to the game. I’m assuming it’s the same thing; I haven’t checked the one on gamehouse out.