Share the contents of your curio shelf or gewgaw box.

Admit it: over the years, you’ve collected stuff; tossed it on a shelf or put it away in box somewhere.

Here, I’ll open one of my GlenFiddich tins:

1)Japanese coin purse from the Portand Museum of Art
2)Baggie containing foreign coins
3)Live Strong bracelet
4)Krusty the Clown keychain
5)City Market Value Mini-Card inside a Fuji 35mm film container(found while hiking near Moab, UT)
6)Two small plastic pigs from the Iowa State Fair
7)Several assorted shells from Australia
8)Wooden nickel from Grand Canyon Caverns
9)Thimble featuring scenes of Utah
10)a small plasitic creature with one eye and an antennae coming out of its head
11)a metal marble (or a very large ball bearing?)
12)a presta-schrader adaptor piece.

Whadda you got?

  • my hospital bracelets
  • a few hairpieces from dance recitals
  • my student ID from freshman year
  • A few earrings whose partners have been lost or broken
  • An old ballet shoe… size one. really old.
  • a little tub of white face paint
  • lizard stickers. those are cute! I should do somethingwith them.
  • a little calculator
  • a small baby doll that I got when I was a baby… it looks uncannily like a baby me.
  • hey! that’s where my Audrey Hepburn bookmark went! yay.
  • a few chess pieces from an incomplete set my father gave me when it became apparent he would not have any sons (passed down from his father)

a small collection of old ball and claw bottles
some porcelain trinket boxes of varying themes
a set of porcelain classic Pooh and friends figures
a Russian samovar with matching
two cups
two spoons
one ladle
two tea canisters
three plates
two matrushka doll sets
a man and woman Eskimo doll set made by an actual Eskimo
a marble egg
four small giraffes
an Alaska Native mask made from a whale vertebra

In a clear acrylic, multi-compartmented, mirror-backed trinket shelf I got at a yard sale last year:

A miniature Russian doll ornament.

An colorful egg-shaped paperweight I got at The Glass Eye Studio in Seattle.

A starfish-shaped paperweight in purple and yellow that my sister gave me.

Two little glass fish she also gave me.

A larger glass fish made in Mexico out of recycled Coke bottles that another sister gave me.

Three little bobble-head animals approximating a horse, a zebra and a giraffe that I got on a road trip in Oregon.

A small Perthshire paperweight with concentric rings of milifiori in it.

Two more glass fish of the cheap, made-in-China variety.

Three fancy glass pebbles from Art by Fire Glass Studio in Ballard and another, larger one with millifiori that I bought on Ebay.

A small chunk of rust-colored vandanite that I bought on Ebay.

A golden clip-on bird-shaped Christmas ornament stands on top of the display.

A silver thruppenny joey
A Kennedy half dollar that I had given to me in Canada
A small wooden owl…what?
My son first shoes…really tiny little rascals.
An old English (blue) pound note
My old school tie…did I really wear that?
A German Iron Cross (2nd class) WW2 era
A pocket knife with 9 blades (plus 2 busted ones)
A Guinness bottle shaped lighter
A fountain pen


A portion of a tibia, split in six pieces and lovingly glued back together by a forensic anthropologist friend, with the Tension (initiating) side of the fracture indicated by an ink arrow.

A portion of a dried rib with a bullet hole through it.

A cute note from my husband.


Junk. I really need to clean out that drawer.

Curio shelf? Let’s see:

  • 4 small dish-shaped ceramic candle holders from IKEA.
  • A small wooden Oriental screen of some kind.
  • A tiny Persian box of inlay.
  • A ceramic plaque bearing the legend “Hai excomunión reservada a Su Santidad contra qualesquiera personas que quitaren, distraxeren o de qualquier otro modo enagenaren algun libro, pergamino o papel de esta bibliotheca sin que puedan ser absueltas hasta esta este perfectamente reintegrada,” purchased in Salamanca
  • Two small blue Oriental vases
  • A small tan Oriental-style stone sculpture of a horse
  • A little ceramic globe of the world
  • A fur sculpture of a buffalo
  • A reproduction Roman lamp decorated with a phoenix, purchased in Mérida, Spain
  • A metal souvenir Eiffel Tower, purchased from a metro vendor in Paris in 1996
  • Wooden figurines of a wart hog and rhinoceros, purchased in Uganda
  • A halved geode and display stand, purchased at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC
  • A painting of Hurricane Island, Chandos Lake, Ontario, by me
  • A wooden hummingbird figurine, purchased somewhere between Thunder Bay and Espanola, Ontario

I’m a bachelour. I have tons of crap. On or around my video shelf I have…
[ul][li]A skull I made of modeling clay years ago[/li][li]A bronze monkey (I call it a brass monkey because it sounds better) dip pen holder[/li][li]A Fargo snow globe[/li][li]A Halloween snow globe[/li][li]An old Camel tire patching kit[/li][li]D-sized Ray-O-Vac candles in a box[/li][li]666 cough medicine (with quinine!)[/li][li]A gris-gris bag from New Orleans[/li][li]A cricket ball[/li][li]An Avon cologne decanter shaped like a Willys jeep[/li][li]A Robin Hood hummel from 12 O’Clock High (I also have a numbered one in storage)[/li][li]A Vickers-Supermarine Spitfire turn-and-bank indicator[/li][li]An 8-day clock from one of dad’s airplanes[/li][li]A few small gargoyles[/li][li]A ‘fortune’ Buddha and a ‘luck’ Buddha[/li][li]A sporran[/li][li]An Edgar Allan Poe action figure[/li][li]A Pirate Bendy[/li][li]A couple of die-cast MGB models[/li][li]A didgeridoo[/li][li]A fake (but very sharp) katana[/li][li]A very sharp, three-foot broadsword that was made for me[/li][li]California license plates from my Jeep, Herald, and two Yamahas[/li][li]A pair of inert 37mm canon rounds[/li][li]A two-and-a-half foot skeleton[/li][li]A tin of Dehydrated Water[/ul][/li]There’s more stuff packed in boxes…

Two dozen saxophone player figurines, including cats, dogs, frogs, Christmas angels, a nonk AND a nun, a clown sitting on a clock, a wizard candle, and a Mexican Day of the Dead skeleton.

What’s a nonk? A monk.

A transgendered monk or nun.

!. Very small miniature fire plug.
2. .221 Fireball.
3. Wood Puzzle.
4. .22 BB short.
5. Old slightly used pipe.
6. Magnifying glass.
7. Swiss Army Knife.
8. Old self winding wrist watch.
9. Pocket comb.
10. Fline tooth comb.
11. Button magnet.
12. Indian heat penny.
13. Liberty head silver dollar.
14. Hypodermic syringe w/o needle.
15. Magic puzzle.
16. Telegraph key tie tac.
17. Star saphire tie tac.
18. After shave sample.
19. Old stick of gum.
20. Mult-tool and belt case.
21. Swiss centime.
22. Swiss franc.
23. Pipe cleaner.
24. Cigarette lighter.
25. Emerald cut saphire.
26. Circular slide rule.
27. Soroban.
28. Abacus.
29. 20 inch long slide rule.
30. 10 inch slide rule w/ magnifier.
31. Miniature ship’s cannon.
32. Egyption cat.
33. Metal scarab.
34. C.I. Beetle with horns.
35. 2nd C.I. Beetle w/o horns.
36. Small hour glass.
37. Astrolabe
38. Telescope
39. LED flashlight.
40. Pocket microscope.
41. See-Back Scope.
42. Heat sink for CPU.
43. Floppy Disc letter opener.
44. Dried up ink marker.
45. Old printer ink cartridge.
46. Red & Blue writing mechanical pencil.
47. Rainbow writing wooden pencil.
48. Old keys on key ring.
49. Spiral folding coin purse.
50. Plastic squeeze to open coin purse.
51. to 100, Etc. etc. etc… :smiley:

Let’s see: [ul][]A variety of coins that are valueless but which I can’t let go of because they look neat: Mexican, Guatemalan, Russian, Czech, Turkish, Chinese, British, and what the?! a Los Angeles transit token.[]Cigarette papers[]Three tobacco pipes[]All of the jewellery that has been gifted to me over the years by people who apparently thought that I never wear jewellery because I have never been able to afford it, or something.[]A bottle-and-dropper combo (empty)[]Three Zippos[]Hey! Two half-smoked joints from god-knows-when.[]A small pamphlet from a Golden Dawn temple, retained because its obverse side contains the phone number of a reliable booty call.[]A souvenir bottle-opener made to resemble an oversize one pfennig piece.[]A marble egg.[]My pocket-watch.[]Several rolls of black-and-white 35mm film, exposed almost ten years ago but never developed. What could be on them?!A sewing kit.[/ul]

I positively adore you!

This is the contents of my Hello Kitty curio box:

Most are my son’s but a few belonged to a friend.

Ewww. It’s cool that they’re in a pink-and-white box, though.

Martini Enfield’s Collection Of Interesting Things could almost be its own museum, but some of the highlights:

  • A Dogbert Plush Toy

  • A souvenir London Underground Plaque

  • Various Shot Glasses

  • A Pith Helmet

  • A 5-round charger clip of 1944 dated .303 Mk VII SAA Ball cartridges

  • A box of 1942 dated .380" Revolver Mk IIz cartridges

  • A “Stewie In Your Pocket” talking keychain

  • A Zippo lighter

  • A collection of London Transport Tube Passes

  • My old school ID

  • A Pattern '07 Bayonet

  • Cans of Coke from all over the world (with Coke)

  • A Die Cast James Bond Aston-Martin DB5

  • A Matchbox London Black Taxi

  • And more! :smiley: