Share you favorite magic trick here

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Here’s one of my favorites my 15 year-old niece showed me and confused the hell out of me. Works good if your at a library or Barnes and Noble.

While you sitting looking at a book or reading magazines tell your subject to go find a novel with a title that means something to them. When they bring it back have them set it down on the table or next to you but don’t touch it. This will be 'Book A". Now go tell them to find another novel with a title that also means something to them. Feign like you are still reading your magazine and are waiting till they get back to start the trick. Except, as soon as they disppear from sight, pick up ‘Book A’ and turn to a page in the middle of the book, and immediately memorize the page number and the first sentence on the top of that page. It may be something like pg. 211 “said she wouldn’t take the red dress from Mary for it…”.
Now put the book down and look at your magazine again so when your subject gets back it looks like the book was undisturbed. When they bring back “Book B” have them lay that one down next to “Book A”.
At this time close your magazine so it looks like you are ready to start the trick at this point even though you have already prepped for it.
Hold up the books with one in each hand. Tell your subject to point at the book that they relate to more. What your going to do is make sure they take “Book A” and you keep “Book B”. So if they point at “Book A” you can say ‘okay, this is your book’ and give it to them. If they point at “Book B” you can say ‘okay, I will keep this book’ and hand them “Book A”. Either way it appears that they got to “choose” the book.
Now, open your book (Book B) toward you, close your eyes, and start to flip through the pages. Tell your subject to tell you to “stop” when they feel the time is right. When they do open your eyes, look down, and say “okay, page 211”, and immediately close the book. Even though you may have been on page 333 still announce the page number from “Book A”.
Now, put you book down and tell them to open theirs to the “randomly chosen” page 211, read the first line to themselves, memorize it, and close the book.
Now, tell them to concentrate on the words and you will read their mind.
Close your eyes, frown, concentrate, and make like your getting the sentence in pieces. “I see a girl. Her name is Marg… no… Miss… no… Mary! And something red. Something soft. Clothing of some type. A dress!”

I saw this in Las Vegas last week.

Prominately display a sealed envelope. Tell your mark, I mean volunteer, that you are psychic. Tell them to imagine going to the grocery store. They are walking down the aisle. On one side is cereal, on the other side is canned goods. Ask them to choose which side of the aisle they are looking at. (Let’s say they choose cereal.) Tell them they are reaching for a box of cereal. Ask which box they choose. (Let’s say they choose Special K). Ask them to visualize reading the price label from the shelf. Ask them what the price is. (Let’s say $3.59).

Now turn to the audience and say “In this envelope I have predicted that you would say Special K at $3.59. You will all be amazed if the paper in this envelope says ‘Special K, $3.59’? Right?” Then you open the envelope and display for all to see: a UPC barcode! “See!?!?!” you say, “SPECIAL K! THREE FIFTY NINE!”


My favorite is both simple and effective.

What it looks like: You hold up a deck of cards then bring it behind your back. Next you hold it up so they can see it and you cannot. You name the card. You bring it behind your back again, then forward (again, without looking) and name that card. Continue as long as you want.

What your doing: When you hold up the deck, look at the bottom card. When the deck is behind your back, slip the bottom card to the top, facing out. Hold up the deck and say the name of the card, while looking at the new bottom card. Repeat.

I will describe my favorite but I will not expose it as it is one that I currently perform in my close-up act. It is also my original routine with the secret taken from a well known effect in magic.

Simply put:

I punch hole in a business card, then move the hole to the other end of the business card. Then I pull the hole off of the business card and place it on another card that the spectator gets to keep.

A magician friend of mine floored me with this one.

He splayed the deck in a fan pattern and told me to pick a card and remember it. I did. He did some shuffling and handed me a card. He asked if it was my card, I looked at it and said it wasn’t. He looked puzzled and splayed the deck out in front of me, he asked if I saw my card anywhere in the deck. I looked closely and told him that I didn’t see it. He said that if it wasn’t in the deck, it must be the card in my hand. I looked and it was. :eek: I nearly shat myself.

Mine is a quarter through the table trick. You need a quarter, a small paper cup and a paper towel. Place the quarter on the table and announce you will make the quarter go through the table. Place the paper cup over the quarter then place the paper towel over the cup forming the paper towel to the shape of the cup. You then pick up the paper cup and paper towel and show everyone the quarter, place the paper towel back over the quarter then wham, flatten the paper towel onto the quarter. You then pick up the paper towel and show everyone that the quarter did not go through the table. You then pull your other hand out from under the table and show the audience the paper cup, still in new condition. You apolgize for messing up the trick, you accidently made the paper cup go through the table instead.

The trick is when you pick up the paper cup and paper towel to show everyone the quarter, you discreetly drop the paper cup into your other hand, you are using misdirection by attracting attention to the quarter. And by forming the paper towel to the shape of the cup, it still appears to be under the paper towel when you put in back over the quarter. This is my one and only magic trick but is seems to fool most everyone each time I do it.

This one pretty much works itself as long as you handle the deck of cards exactly as explained.

Prep a deck of cards as follows: Shuffle the deck completely with all cards face down. Pull two of the jacks, put them together, and place them face up in the middle of the deck. Now pull the other two jacks and place one face down on the bottom of the deck and the other face down on the top of the deck.
Now find your subject.

Fan the deck in your hands face down to reveal the two face up jacks. Have the subject remove these for himself.
Now, with the deck in your hand, dealing off the top of the deck one card at a time, start a stack on the table, face down.
Tell the subject to place one of his jacks face down on your stack at any time he feels comfortable.
Once he does this, place the remainder of the deck in your hands on top of this pile, face down.
Pick up the deck of cards and once again start dealing off the top of the deck, one card at a time, face down on a stack.
Tell him once again to place his last jack face down on the stack whenever he’s comfortable. Once he does place the remainder of the deck face down on the stack. Pick up the entire deck.
Now flip the deck face up and fan them out across the table and show him how he miraculously found the other two jacks in the deck with his two cards.