Share your Covidiot stories

COVID parties were popular in the early days. Then a few college kids died of COVID and the bloom was off the rose. Now the unvaccinated just have parties. The COVID part is ignored.

153 Houston hospital employees resign or are fired after refusing to get Covid-19 vaccine.

I guess that’s some sign of dedication when you are willing to lose your job over it.

Update. Coworker was supposed to be released from the hospital Wednesday He’s still coughing but apparently feeling a little better. His partner was admitted to the hospital Wednesday also with COVID and an enlarged spleen. We don’t know how long she’ll be held.

Our company president sends this advice [emphasis mine]:

Going forward, please continue to observe social distancing. The masks are annoying and we’re all sick of the damn things. But keep one handy if you’re going to be physically close to someone.

If you’re traveling, domestic or international, please follow all the rules and – most of all – use common sense. Hand washing remains a great way to avoid a lot of illnesses. If you’re in a large group of people, whip out the mask. An ounce of prevention, you know. Plus, we have the really cool limited edition [company] masks! Another piece of advice: If you’re going to Texas or Florida, maybe you should just stay there! Okay, okay. I’m kidding. You can go to the states immediately west of those two. And slowly work your way home by hopping on a series of freight trains.

I like your CEO. (And I’m a Texan! I can’t control these damn politicians all by myself…)

I was in Germany all week, and despite avidly looking, literally only found two people on the trains without a mask (in a week of steady subway/trolley/regional train riding). Adherence was excellent.

In the airport on the way back to the US, about 10% unmasked when I initially got to the gate, until the cops came by and forcibly told each of them to put a mask on. Also: there were people sitting in the chairs clearly marked “please leave this chair unoccupied.” I don’t know as a fact that each was American, but the odds were good. Freedumb!

My mom is definitely a Covidiot from what I’ve observed.

Back in December 2020 when the vaccine was just being rolled out, I created this thread asking how I could get the vaccine even though my mom didn’t want me to. Now, back then, this vaccine was completely new, so my mom had every right to be concerned about it. Here’s the catch, though - 7 months later, and my mom is still feels this way and always goes on and on about how it could pose risks to your health as if other medications don’t have risks at all.

Another example is this thread I created not too long after the previous one. In it, I explain how my mom thinks the government had no right to put us in lockdown and that we’re a free country and we deserve our rights. Of course, this is completely fucking stupid, as when COVID first came out, it was a state of emergency, and the government has every right to quarintine the nation in that scenario.

Of course, I still love my mom; it’s just that her political beliefs about COVID are very out of wack.

That’s what gets me; this isn’t a matter of politics but public health. I’m still amazed that mask wearing, social distancing, vaccination and so forth became a matter of politics.

I’m not. Back in the '80s I said 'The ‘70s were The Me Generation. Now it’s the Me, F__k You Generation.’ It’s gotten worse since then.

Some manager at SeaWorld in San Diego is a covidiot, Most shows and exhibitions we attended were outdoors (Excellent experiences there), so not many worries as we are vaccinated already. My wife and I were celebrating our anniversary last weekend, and then she decided to go to the Shark Encounter exhibition.

The Jaws theme then would have been appropriate, but not for the shark danger.

Lack of crowd control, very poor ventilation around the middle, nice view of the pools with sharks, but people were crowding the sides of the tanks and the only path. By the time we noticed the stuffiness and poor air circulation, we could not turn back, and we decided to wear masks that we had the foresight to carry still around.

At a glance, 90% of all others did not use a mask then or had none as restrictions have been removed. Still, with Covid variants around, keeping that exhibit open with little circulation and lack of crowd control was IMO a very irresponsible thing. Also, close to the end the video presentation in the next to last long corridor was not working, then the people mover was not working in the highlight of the exhibition: the shark tank where one could walk in, and the sharks swim over you outside the curved plexiglass tank.

So, there were several reasons why they should have closed the exhibition. Corona concerns being the most important. (And we missed the seal show because of the time wasted in there :rage:) You bet I did send a complaint to SeaWorld when they asked for feedback.

Technically, getting the disease is not getting vaccinated. “Have their immune system exposed and develop a protective response,” however, is a bit long-winded.

Am I correct in understanding, though, that once you have COVID it may protect you, but probably does not prevent transmission to others?

“Acquire immunity” works. :wink:

My understanding is that this is true of the vaccine also (and presumably all diseases). You can still ‘catch’ the virus, but post vaccine/infection you body does a hopefully good job of preventing it from replicating enough to give you symptoms. However, you can still be shedding various into the environment - not a lot, but enough to get someone who is unlucky infected. Then whether they get symptoms is a question of their body’s response - which will be better if they are vaccinated or previously infected.

It was inevitable that Covidiots would take the news that the Administration is encouraging potential door-to-door educational efforts about vaccination as evidence of “coercion”.

It takes a different level of sociopathic shitbaggery to proclaim that “Soon, FEMA squads and U.S. soldiers will be coming to your door to vaccinate you at gunpoint (or drag you away to a covid death camp”, as the Health Deranger, Mike Adams is saying on Natural News.

Oh, and from the same impeccable source: “New Zealand, US governments launching “strike force” DEATH SQUADS to target anti-vaxxers in their private homes”.

Go Kiwis!

*will the “Covid death camps” have swimming, weenie roasts and sing-alongs to classics like “Guantanamera” and “Needles and Pins”?

Here’s some French Covidiots.

My company is offering on-site vaccinations, announced on a company news site that allows employees to leave comments about the articles.

One person who repeatedly states his refusal to get the vaccine keeps leaving comments with discredited statements about “rushed vaccine approval”, and the like. His latest screed: “How do we know what side effects the vaccines will have in the long run - like three years from now?”

Sigh. And what crystal ball gave you the knowledge of the side effects of Covid, three years from now?

In the county I work for, the head of the health department today sent an email to all county employees stating that due to the local increase in COVID-19 cases, the health department’s website was going to start displaying our county’s statistics again. He wanted to make people aware that resistance to vaccination and the delta variant were big factors in the recent increase in cases. He mentioned that there was going to be no return to state mask mandates, so the politics of mask mandates no longer needed to be an issue, but he gave the medical advice that if you have not been vaccinated, you should still wear a mask in public indoor settings. One of the judges fired a response right back, using the “Reply All” so every county employee received it, wanting “scientific” evidence that masks are effective.

My thinking was “Geez, if he hasn’t been convinced yet that masks have any effect, he isn’t going to be convinced now. He’s trying to bully the health department because he has clout and can get away with it. Being a judge does not make him a medical expert.”

The health department head didn’t back down. He replied with a list of scientific studies regarding mask effectiveness. Good for him!

I work (currently remotely) with a guy who has “secret” information about the vaccine, and why he doesn’t want to take it. He considers himself to be super smart, but he’s friends with some person who has “access to knowledge not shared with the public.”

Yesterday I told him I hoped he didn’t die from COVID-19. He said we all die. I just blew him off, and got the info I needed from him to do my work. I should have told him he might die, but there’s no need to kill everyone else while he’s at it!

Old joke: While charging at the enemy, the Marine officer yelled “C’mon you guys, do you want to live forever.” And the perfect response was “Is 18 being greedy sir?”

Not my story, but…

One of the last things they do before they’re intubated is beg me for the vaccine. I hold their hand and tell them that I’m sorry, but it’s too late," Brytney Cobia, a hospitalist at Grandview Medical Center in Birmingham, wrote on Facebook this week.

“A few days later when I call time of death, I hug their family members and I tell them the best way to honor their loved one is to go get vaccinated and encourage everyone they know to do the same,” Cobia added.

Cobia listed all the different reasons she heard from patients and their families about why they didn’t get the vaccine.

“They cry. And they tell me they didn’t know. They thought it was a hoax. They thought it was political. They thought because they had a certain blood type or a certain skin color they wouldn’t get as sick. They thought it was ‘just the flu’. But they were wrong. And they wish they could go back. But they can’t,” she said.