How can I get the COVID vaccine when my mother doesn't want me to?

As a minor, I cannot get a vaccine without parental consent (at least based on where I’m from; correct me if I’m wrong, though). My mom doesn’t want me to get the vaccine, not because she is anti-vax (at least I hope not), but because she doesn’t feel I need it. I want to get it just to be safe, so where do I go from here? Many thanks in advance!


First off, you are very low on the priority list unless you have some serious underlying conditions. So you aren’t getting a vaccine for a few months, regardless.

Yout mom is right that you don’t need it as much as older people. But your school might require it anyways so your mom might have little choice.

How old are you? Currently, the vaccine approved for use is only for ages 16 and up.

I can understand your concerns - Covid has scared the life out of all of us – but you are in a very low risk group. Even if you get it, you very likely won’t get very sick at all.

There’s people who are older and with health conditions that make them genuinely vulnerable. Whilst the vaccine is still unavailable for everyone, all of us who are healthy need to take a step back and let the people who really need it, get it first. It’s the civil thing to do.

There won’t be enough vaccine for that to be a concern in the near future. Plenty of time for the vaccine to be proven and rare side effects recorded.

Well, he wants the vaccine.

Depends on the state. For example, in Oregon minors 14 and older can consent to their own medical treatment (but bear the cost themselves if there’s a dispute with the guardian, for example). Or you could become a child neglect test case.

There’s probably a million better test cases to show child neglect over refusing a vaccine.

So when do you turn 18? If not until April/May you most likely would not be able to get it until then anyway.

Sure, but the OP is asking about receiving medical care despite guardian’s objections, so I’m responding to the OP, not to a different OP such as “What would be the best test case for child neglect?”

Yeah, I get that. It’s not a good or realistic suggestion.

Yes, nor is it the major part of my post.

Sure. Merely a minor part of your post suggests the OP report his mother to Child Protection Services.

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OP, what state do you live in? And how old are you?

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OK, this thread has gotten a tad out of control, so I’ll clear up a few things:

  1. I’m from Wisconsin.
  2. I’m 15 as of posting (I do hope this won’t prevent people from taking me seriously).
  3. To answer FigNorton’s last question, 1997 is the year Super Mario 64 released.
  4. I did try some Googling on vaccination requirements in Wisconsin, but it came fruitless (at least the Googling I did).


I would just like to reiterate that teenagers should be the absolute last people to get vaccinated. I don’t know exactly how the rollout will work once the high priority occupational groups are covered, but I would imagine that they would be staged by risk of complications, and age is a pretty good proxy for that for this particular disease. I would thus not expect anyone under 20 to be able to get a vaccine until everyone older than them has had a chance. It might occur sooner than we expect though if the number of people not interested in getting vaccinated is as high as claimed by some reports.

We’re taking you seriously. We ask because minors often get certain rights at various birthdays before the big 18.

Take a look at this article. Maybe you’ll be in luck next year:

But in Iowa County, where Jenkins lives, the county board of supervisors recently passed a resolution requesting the legislature end the use of personal conviction waivers. Other counties across the state report adopting similar resolutions in 2019.

Representative Hintz also introduced several other vaccine related bills this session. One would allow dentists to vaccinate. He’s also proposing letting minor children, starting at the age of 16, get vaccinated without their parents’ consent.

So there are at least two possible avenues. One, they might make the vaccine mandatory for school and eliminate the personal belief exemption, so your mom would have to either get you vaccinated or homeschool you. Two, they might let 16-year-olds do it without parental consent.

Good luck!

Sorry if I contributed to making anything out of control.

All I’m trying to say is that you should feel relatively safe right now, vaccinated or not, and you’re going to have to wait awhile regardless. This is a new drug and your mom could have a reasonable fear of giving you a new drug to stop a disease that isn’t much of a threat to you. But there’s time. As older people are vaccinated, she will hopefully see it’s very safe. Or like I said, your school district may require it of students and your mom might have to accept it.