How can I get the COVID vaccine when my mother doesn't want me to?

Here in Colorado, the authorities are saying that young healthy adults without commodities shouldn’t expect to even have a chance to get vaccinated before summer.

Huh. That runs contrary to that your place in line tool for predicting when you’ll get the vaccine that there was an article this month about in the New York Times. For reasons I can’t fathom personally, they predicted that healthy 20-somethings and children including teenagers will be given the vaccine before people in their 40s, 50s and even early 60s. OTOH, none of the vaccines are even approved for children yet and they’re barely even included in clinical trials now so who knows what their methodology is…

Too soon to make an issue.

Do you have a family doctor? If so, he or she will be more convincing than you can be when the time comes.

Or if you aren’t home schooled, your school may have something to say.

Or maybe by the time you are eligible, someone you know may have gotten serious COVID and your mom will be more worried.

There is no peer reviewed published study on the moderna vaccine yet, so it is reasonable for your mom to be in a waiting mode. (Although I am pro-vax).

P.S. Your family dentist may also have something to say when the time comes.

Wow! I remember when that used to be an American ideal. I envy wherever you’re from.

If you have a school nurse, I’d start there. I suspect you are old enough to get a vaccination without parental approval, but I don’t know that for sure. If you don’t have a school nurse call your local county health department. As others have stated, it’s not likely the vaccine will be available for a few months, but the health department would be the best ones to advise you.

In Oregon, the 29-39 age range are the biggest spreaders. Likely because they have social lives they haven’t been willing to cut back on. Get them covered and a lot of the spread is solved. At least I would think this is the rationale.

Two other factors here:

  1. In many countries with excellent national health systems, there is no currently approved COVID vaccine. While we may anticipate they will approve one or more in the next month or so, the reason they haven’t is that they are still considering safety.

  2. The Pfizer vaccine was approved last week, in the United States, for ages 16 and above. But the U.S. Food and Drug Administration expert advisory panel was divided on the question of whether the approval should be for 16 and up, or just for 18 and up. This is the primary reason why 4 of the 22 experts on the committee voted against the 16 and up approval, and one abstained from voting. The reason for the hesitancy was the small number of persons under 18 in the test group.

  3. The Moderna vaccine, which is predicted in news reports to be approved this coming Friday, was not yet tested in persons under age 18 and seems unlikely to be approved for anyone under 18 without additional testing likely to take many months.

So Baleaf_97’s mother is in good, if minority, scientific company.

Ha, I’m in the UK and can’t vouch for everyone feeling the same way - but the NHS is in charge of vaccine rollout anyway, so it’s a case of ‘don’t call us, we’ll call you’.

Bingo. There are people who are themselves at risk, and there are people whose refusal or inability to adjust their behavior puts others at risk.

The age-range metric you note has also been observed in my part of Europe. The police regularly break up forest parties with anywhere from 50-200 drunken twentysomethings. It seems weirdly counterintuitive, not to mention immoral, to effectively reward these people for their selfish behavior, but it’s also a matter of practicality, an acknowledgement of the most effective way to protect society at large.

(Note: This is not a generalization about selfishness in every single twentysomething.)

It may not even be a refusal to comply. Those are the ages that are raising kids, so school exposure is an issue, as well as work exposure. But yes, there are the general knuckleheads. I live with one. My roommate’s 20 something son was saying last week that he doesn’t get sick. So he’s not worried, so he goes out drinking and drugging with his friends. It’s just a matter of time before he gets sick and brings it home to me. I’m super excited for that.