So kids vaccines are now approved, but

So kids vaccines are now approved, but there seems to be no availability in our area.

Same old story.

Our pediatrician is supposed to email us when they get their shipment. If that seems to be taking too long, we’ll start looking around.

We’ll probably keep an eye out for appointments at the pharmacies near us anyway regardless, but the kids will probably be more comfortable in the setting where they’ve received every other shot of their lives.

My daughter has had hers. The UK are doing the 11-17 cohort plus boosters for everyone else at the moment.

Not sure if and when the under 11s will be offered theirs.

If you are in the US try

Am i doing it wrong because the search function only seems to be for 12+ right now?

ETA: OK, maybe I see the confusion. I assumed the OP was about age 5-11, since thats what just became available.

It may take a bit for the info to be updated, this was approved very recently.

Yes, my post is about 5-11, since that is the age range my son is in. That site hasn’t been updated yet.

It’s the under 11s that I’m specifically referring to.

Well, we looked in our junk mail and saw that our pediatrician is doing a vaccine clinic on Sunday. So, we sent an email and hopefully we’re not too late to get in on that.

A friend of mine with little kids just made appointments for them at Walgreens.

Check with your local county (or whatever level of government handles vaccinations in your area) health department.

Ours already has appointments available, and started vaccinating the first children yesterday.

I just got a text from my town about kids vaccinations starting tomorrow.

Just made appointments for my kids via Walgreens as well.

Our school district is running a clinic as well, but all of the spots filled up almost immediately.

Suddenly a bunch of appointments became available at a nearby Walgreens. So I booked appointments for my son! Thanks so much.

Well, they do have to be shipped to locations. Or are they saying they won’t have them in a week?

So now I’ve got another question about kids vaccines. My son turns 12 in early December. His second vaccine is scheduled just a few days after his birthday. Should he get the adult dose for his second shot?

I think I’d just do the smaller dose in that scenario to keep the side effects low. I wonder if you’ll get a choice?

I can see going the other way though for possible greater protection

So the first vaccine clinic at the pediatricians was already full but they’re scheduling a second one soon. now seems to be updated to search for 5-11 year vaccines as well.

If you’re in Colorado you can search at the PrepMod Colorado site.

Many of child specialized sites are doing evening and weekend clinics. Those seem to have filled up pretty quick. The general sites that are only open during school hours have plenty of appointments.

If I thought my kid would respond well to a surprise injection I could pull her out of school today to get vaccinated. As it is, we have a plan for Sunday in a week at the public library so we can spend some time psyching her up for it and “practicing” with a huge 60CC irrigation syringe. She knows the real injection is going to be much smaller so hopefully she won’t freak out too much.

My grandchildren have appointments this Sunday to get their first Covid vaccinations down in Florida. I looked locally, (coastal North Carolina) and there were 11 places within 25 miles that had appointments available and vaccines in stock for the 5-11 year old cohort, so it appears that shots are pretty easy to get here.