Take a guess at when you will end up being vaccinated

Only one guy who I know personally has been so far, and well, he’s an M.D. and the head of infectious diseases at a nearby hospital, so he absolutely should have been among the first.

Me? It’s hard to triangulate the local availability of vaccines with where I fall on the priority list. Over 50, somewhat crappy lungs (asthma, but not of the sort that normally requires maintenance meds), but no relevant health problems that bother me on a daily basis. I can work remotely and have no real need to be around people who aren’t in my household (and the one other person in my household can also work remotely except for a couple of hours once a month, when he has to go into a basically empty office to research in archival materials).

If I had to take a wild guess right now, maybe April or so for me?

Anyone else care to take a guess at where they will fall in line? We can all report back later as things develop.

I’m in the “everyone else who wants a jab” category - under 50, no chronic conditions that make me more susceptible to covid, working from home. I’m hoping I can get the vaccine before summer. My husband is an over 50 physical therapist, treating patients daily. So, he’s not a frontline healthcare worker, but I’m hoping he gets counted in the essential worker category. I have a 17 year old student - in our state, they’re going to be prioritized over the “everyone else” category. I also have a 14 year old student with asthma. I’m not sure when he’ll be eligible.

I’m also in the “everyone else” category, although I’m nearly 60, overweight, and have a family history of immune issues and allergies, so I’m pretty worried about it. But i don’t think any of my reasons to worry is quite enough to bump me into a higher category.

I’ll be delighted if i can get my first jab in April. I just hope we don’t run out before it gets to be my turn.

I’m over 60 and in the UK. I saw a news article that said I would get it around April/May. Can’t come soon enough.

I’m another ‘everyone else’ although I’m not sure how or even if my high blood pressure factors into it. I may get a small boost in line because I can’t work from home and am employed in an “essential” job (medical device manufacturing). Personally, with the usual monkey ass craptasms I expect to surround any large scale government effort, I would consider myself lucky to get jabbed by July.

I would hope my niece (K-3rd grade teacher) would be well ahead of me.

This isn’t based on any kind of insider knowledge, just a guess as the OP / title stipulates, but I’ll go with “before this time next year”.

I’m a teacher (with underlying conditions) and per a recent statement by the Oregon governor that should put me next in line – that is, at the top of the “1b” recipients. I have no idea if that falls within CDC guidelines.

What I dont know is, how will I know when its my turn? Is there some big public announcement? “All people who fall into these occupational categories / ages / have these morbidities report to one of the following locations for your Covid jab”? Does my doctor’s office or employer give me a call? Dunno.

My wife lost her job with Covid and has been chipping away at her BA ever since. She’s 41, has no underlying health conditions, and has been self-isolating since March 12. I suspect she’ll be at the bottom of the list… maybe 12 months from now?

My oldest turns 16 in 3 weeks. I assume he’ll at least be eligible. I have no idea when he’ll actually get it… probably the same time as my wife.

My youngest is 13 and can’t get it.

I wonder how they’re going to do this. I assume it will be mandatory, for our own safety and the only way to properly beat it. So maybe I’ll get a letter with an already scheduled appointment, so it’s quick and efficiently handled with minimal dicking about?

I figure March or April for me, but I honestly haven’t a clue. As we’ve mostly beaten it for now here in Australia, the urgency isn’t there right now. Here’s hoping we get it sorted before a third wave rears its head.

I’m wondering when–and if–I’ll get vaccinated.

As for why I’m wondering when, I work at a school in Beijing and I think my age bracket is considered high risk.

As for why I’m wondering if, each year when the school arranges for the free influenza vaccination, we foreigners are left out because the medical outfit providing the vaccination does not accept that foreigners can be proficient enough to read the Chinese vaccine warning and permission form and then sign the thing. They therefore skip us. I’m wodering if that’ll happen with the COVID-19 vaccine, too.

I work in a grocery store, which qualifies me as an Essential Worker™. According to the state guidelines, Essential Workers™ are part of “Phase 1” for vaccination eligibility, which doesn’t kick in until after “Phase 1A”, which covers healthcare workers and people in long-term care or living in public housing where the majority of residents are over 65. My mother is part of that last group and gets to get vaccinated next week.

Myself - I’m gonna wager late January or early February.

By myself, I’m probably in the “everybody else” category. I work with children, but I don’t know whether that bumps me up a notch or not.

DH, however, works with cancer patients, most of whom are on chemo, and therefore immuno-compromised, and he will be in a higher-up group. What I don’t know is whether people he lives with will be higher up as well. It doesn’t look like it, but one never knows.

Whenever I am offered a vaccine, though, I will take it.

  • Over 50
  • High blood pressure
  • Mild asthma
  • T2 Diabetes
  • Numerous other relatively minor health issues
  • Teenagers in school in person
  • Working at home

All in, I put my money on May 15th. My wife is in perfect health and 5 years younger, so I would guess July 15th. The kids not before September.

63 with chronic respiratory disease, high blood pressure, and overweight, but safely working from home. My guess for some time now has been May 1.

Very soon. I’m 75 with several underlying conditions. I’ve said all along that if I get this virus, I’m a dead man. I have to call my primary doctor tomorrow morning to get details.

53 YO
High blood pressure

The NYT had a vaccine date calculator a week or 2 ago–it said October. Sigh.

I’m 64 with no underlying conditions, except for being chubby. I work from home and except for grocery store runs and getting occasional takeout food, have no exposure to people other than my husband.

My husband, OTOH, is 69, has chronic sinusitis, and has had skin cancer a couple of times. He’ll get his shot a lot sooner than me.

Maybe he’ll get his in the spring, but I’m sure I’m looking at summer at the soonest.

I’m wondering this also; but I’m clearly not in the first group, so maybe those questions will be answered by the time they get around to me.

Let’s see. I’m 69; heart condition that causes shortness of breath but the lungs themselves are fine; diabetes but it’s well controlled; fat, but I’m actually not certain that’s a risk factor in my age group; essential worker, but my work’s mostly at home, mostly alone, and outdoors if with somebody, and not customer-facing until farmers’ markets start up which for me won’t be until May.

I’m going to take a guess at February or March for the first shot, based on age and health categories. – reading others here, maybe that’s optimistic.

I’ve got a family member who’s a doctor in Wisconsin, and another who’s a cancer patient in Pennsylvania, and both of them have had their first round vaccinations already. Worst side effect was two days of sore arm.

I signed up on the NJ state website, and was assigned Group 1c, which appears to land in the March-April time frame. That’s way earlier than I expected, as I have no medical conditions. Most people like me got Group 2, which is just everyone else without any reason to get it early.

The Israeli vaccine rollout seems to be going OK. My dad and mother-in-law, who are both 70-ish, got it last week. My sister, who’s a physical therapist, got it today. My wife, whose breast cancer is in remission, has an appointment for January 6. I haven’t been able to sign up myself or our son, yet.

I expect my dialysis clinic will give me mine. They give their clients all essential vaccines when they arrive for treatment. The word I hear is some time in February, but that’s very tentative at this time.