Who’s been vaccinated?

I’m curious to see how the vaccine roll-out goes in the community. So post her if you’ve gotten the vaccine and (if you feel comfortable sharing the details) what was your indication for getting it. Also were there any problems with scheduling, etc.

I’ll go first:
I’m an ER doctor and I got the vaccine on Thursday. I was actually scheduled for Tuesday but my hospital didn’t receive our shipment as soon as anticipated so everyone scheduled for the first day had to be cancelled and rescheduled later in the week. My only side effect was some minor injection site soreness.

I expect to be soon. The hospital I work at started vaccinating staff this past Wednesday but does not yet have enough for everyone. I’m holding back to let the real frontliners get it first.

I’m an ER doctor too but also a two time bone marrow transplant patient so I jumped to the front of the line at my hospital and got Pfizer #1 on Wednesday.

I’m a pathologist and I just got mine 20 minutes ago! Our department was designated Tier 2 (except for phlebotomists, who were Tier 1) and the scheduled Tier 2 rollout was today. However, most of my departmental colleagues got their shots last week because there were a fair number of Tier 1 appointment no-shows.

Are you just looking for US examples?

My daughter is a nurse, designated 1a. She had her first dose eight days ago. Her fiance, an MD, is designated 1b since he is doing outpatient care.

Incidentally, there were protests at Stanford by residents who worked in the ICU that they were behind other health care workers, like radiologists and pathologists without direct patient exposure, in the line to get the vaccine.

I do sterile processing (cleaning and sterilizing endoscopes, among other things) for a mid-sized university-affiliated children’s hospital in Nashville that I’m not supposed to name per our social media guidelines. :upside_down_face: I got my first shot about a half hour ago. My manager told me he thought we would be in tier 2, but we got a whole lot of vaccine. Either we made it through all of tier 1 already or he was able to reclassify us.

It didn’t hurt at all – especially in comparison to this year’s flu shot, which made my arm sore almost immediately and for a full day. If I get any side effects, I’ll keep you updated.

I got Moderna #1 today. My hospital system got enough to vaccinate all employees and providers so they’re getting in as many as they can before Christmas. It went smoothly considering they’re running on a skeleton crew with the holidays.

My husband gets vaccinated tomorrow. Supposedly my vaccination will be within a week.
We aren’t front-line, but our entire department is approved for the shot.

Oh yeah, that was a big stink. Stanford claimed their prioritization algorithm was faulty and didn’t take into account that residents were a) generally young, and b) not assigned to a fixed service (like ICU). Seems like a rather egregious mistake for a teaching hospital to make.

In the meantime, I have to wonder if UCSF’s first COVID vaccine recipient was chosen at least in part to throw some shade in Stanford’s direction. :smiley:

I am an RN, got Pfizer #1 today. More pain than a flu vaccine, but otherwise asymptomatic so far.

A woman near me in the post-injection waiting area was taken to the ED.


How much protection does Phizer #1 provide and when do you get the second part?

I’m in the Moderna study and hoping to hear any day now whether I got the vaccine or the placebo. The suspense is killing me!

I think the initial data showed something like ~80% efficacy after single dose but the numbers are too small for much confidence.

A friend of ours got her first round last week. Female RN, 68, still practicing because she loves it. She says she had no reaction at all, not even any local soreness.

edit: Pfizer

I am scheduled for the first injection next Tuesday afternoon.

I had my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on 12/18. I had no adverse reactions. I’m a nursing home doctor and work directly with known COVID-19 positive patients.

Do you get a vaccination card after the 1st shot?
Or maybe after the 2nd?

I’m getting the first shot of the Moderna vaccine tomorrow and the second a month later. I usually have a negative reaction (flu-like symptoms) to the flu vaccine so it will be interesting to see how this goes.